Apple shares rise to record as Mac, iPod sales surge

“Shares of Apple Computer Inc. rose to a record after analysts said faster Macintosh computers and low-priced iPod players will spur holiday sales, and that a new music phone may buoy revenue next year,” Connie Guglielmo reports for Bloomberg.

Guglielmo reports, “Mac and iPod shipments may reach record highs this quarter, said UBS AG analyst Benjamin Reitzes, who today raised his profit estimate for the period to 80 cents a share from 78 cents. Analysts on average expect 77 cents. He foresees Mac sales of 1.8 million units and iPod sales of 16.6 million.”

“The shares, which had gained 25 percent this year before today, climbed $2.27 to $91.81 at 4 p.m. New York time in Nasdaq Stock Market composite trading. The previous record high of $91.63 was set Nov. 24,” Guglielmo reports.

“Analysts said they expect Cupertino, California-based Apple to top last year’s holiday shipments for Macs and iPods in the quarter ending Dec. 31, fueled by sales through Apple’s 170 retail stores. Apple sold 1.25 million machines and a record 14 million players a year ago,” Guglielmo reports. “Charles Wolf, of Needham & Co. Inc. in New York, said Jobs may surpass his estimate of 1.8 million Macs and 17 million iPods, judging by traffic at the company’s New York store on Fifth Avenue on Nov. 24, the day after Thanksgiving.”

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  1. Sorry, but who this guy is????
    An analist? Or need to be analized by a good analist…

    AAPL did a record of 93,08 last week….not today at all….
    Here is the official nasdaq quote:

    I thought that UBS was a serious one….never mind!

  2. In other news today, Zune is hanging on by its fingernails to the top 100 Amazon consumer electronis list. The most popular black version is at no. 96. It appears that every fanboy now has one.

  3. iPod sales surge? Where? When? I see no evidence of people buying those things. This holiday season it will be another case of too little, too late for Apple to fight off the Zune’s impressive sales. Gotta admit Zune’s success was a little unexpected but Microsoft clearly has another winner. Better luck next time Apple. Say hello to Microsoft next week on the way down.

    Instead of listening to some hoity-toity analyst I just ask the IT guys where I work. Here’s what you need to know: Apple is dead and stick with Microsoft stuff because their open file formats truly have the most flexibility (unlike you-know who’s proprietary junk). WMA people. W M freakin’ A! One more thing: Apple Macs are really Fisher Price computers for kids. It’s time you got a computer for grownups. The IT guys recommend Windows on a Dell. Sweeeeet!

    Your potential. Our passion.

  4. Zune Tang,

    Apple Macs are really Fisher Price computers for kids.

    You just blew your cover. That’s one of sputnik’s lines.

    Now, just in case your post was actually serious:

    I just ask the IT guys where I work.

    Where’s that? A 7-11?

    Do yourself a favor, get to a newsstand, and pick up today’s Wall Street Journal (11/28/06). Turn to page B2 for a nice article on Zune.

    If that doesn’t convince you, try to find one of yesterday’s issues, and check out the cover of their Technology section. Titled “Can Anybody Catch iTunes?”

    The IT guys recommend Windows on a Dell.

    That’s like a tow truck driver “recommending” a cheap used car. His only interest is job security.

  5. Not so harsh on Zune Tang, now. Zune tang just has his preferences. He doesn’t want to be a leader and that’s okay. He’s the type of consumer that you want buying your product – does what you tell him, belives what you tell him, etc. Best kind of consumer! Microsoft loves that and most microsoft users are that way.

    Although, some days I agree with Zune Tang and I think, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be like the rest of the world? Running my virus scanning software, wipping off the OS on my disk and reformatting the hard drive just to get the machine to run faster. Then, I snap out of my dream after a buddy calls and this is not longer just a dream. It’s his reality and thank God it’s not mine. Who has that much time unless your getting paid for it?”

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