Report: Apple to unveil 17-inch widescreen LCD monitor soon

“LCD vendors such as ViewSonic and Apple are set to launch 17-inch widescreen LCD monitors by year-end or the first quarter of 2007, according to industry sources,” Max Wang and Emily Chuang report for DigiTimes.

“LCD monitor vendors expect 17-inch widescreen monitors to replace entry-level and middle-range 15-inch and 17-inch LCD monitors in the future. The prices for 17-inch widescreen monitors will not necessary be higher than 17-inch 4:3 models amid more efficient panel cutting by makers, according to the vendors,” Wang and Chuang report.

Full article here.

Current Apple monitor lineup:
30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display: 2560 x 1600 resolution – $1999.
23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display: 1920 x 1200 resolution – $999.
20-inch Apple Cinema Display: 1680 x 1050 resolution – $699.


  1. What is up with MDN? Opera hangs on it, Safari Hangs on it, Firefox hangs on it. Don’t anyone tell me it’s the browser because if this site doesn’t work properly on any of the ones I’m using, there needs to be some serious recoding.

    A 17 inch would be nice, but I’d still rather have a 17″ iMac.

  2. Mac Raven,

    i disagree, I have a 20 inch wide and it is perfect, both in desktop size and Desk real estate. I would not want to be forced to pay more for the 23 inch or get stuck with a 17 inch.

  3. “The prices for 17-inch widescreen monitors will not necessary be higher than 17-inch 4:3 models”

    Where did these writers learn their English? In Cal. collidges?

    It ain’t ‘Necessarily’ so.

  4. What bugs me about mdn are those nasty pop ups. Using firefox here btw. But perhaps I should just upgrade to version 2.0 I guess. Anyway, too many irritating advertisements will scare people away.

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