Google exec: ‘Apple iPod will hold all the world’s TV in 12 years’

“The idea of fitting your entire music collection into a single device the size of a packet of cigarettes might have seemed outlandish 15 years ago. But that was before the iPod. Now, one Google exec is predicting the iPod will lead a further media transformation of similar magnitude in the coming decade,” Jo Best reports for

“Speaking at the FT World Communications Conference, Nikesh Arora, Google’s VP of European operations, told delegates that, in the coming years, the plummeting price of storage and its increasing volume-to-size ratio will give iPods almost unlimited potential to hold music and video,” Best reports.

Best reports, “Arora said, by 2012, iPods could launch at similar prices to those on sale now and yet be capable of holding a whole year’s worth of video releases. Around 10 years down the line that could be expanded, creating iPods that can hold all the music ever sold commercially. He said: ‘In 12 years, why not an iPod that can carry any video ever produced?'”

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  1. I saw a Zune in a Best Buy store yesterday. I cracked up. It’s FUGLY. Not only that, but other than me, NOBODY was looking at the Zunes. Not a single person. The iPod aisles, on the other hand, was jam packed with rabid buyers.

    There was also about five times as much aisle space dedicated to iPod SKINS as was dedicated to Zunes. This is on Zune’s highly vaunted opening week.

    DOA, baby.

  2. By 2020, it’ll be an implant.

    With all five senses on board. Storage capcity will no longer be looked at that way….AAA will rule: anything, anywhere, anytime. The point where local storage ends, and remote begins will be gray, and unconscious.

    We will create alter cyber-egos, and all achieve nascent immortality. Except, of course, the poor suckers who went down the “Dark Path,” and chose Zune.

    The Zunists.

    They will travel into the night.

  3. All the history of man reduced to a storage device the size of a pack of gum. How many years for that?

    One Click wheel to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, And in the darkness bind them

  4. OK, 12 years ago I was advanced because I had an 8x CD-ROM drive and a 250MB HDD on my PowerMac 7100/66. My roommate and I were freaking out because we read that Trent Reznor used 1GB drives to record “The Downward Spiral.”

    Where will we be in 12 years? Who knows. I honestly don’t think he’s thinking big enough.

    Great magic word – “progress”

  5. Dear Google,

    I am applying for the post of “VP of European Operations”. You will see from my resume that I have spent most of my career in the highly-skilled area of Making Impressive But Meaningless Predictions. One of my greatest achievements was stating that by 2007 we will all be living on the moon and driving hover cars to work – a prediction which I still hold to be true, and which was picked up by a number of syndicated news feeds when I made it in 1997.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Nikesh Arora

  6. I was lucky enough to find a Nintendo Wii and I personaly think that this product is so awsome it could have been made by Apple. Very Apple like design and simplicity of operating. Very very nice product, a Japanese iPod. I think something like a mix of iPod and Wii could hold the TV in 10 years. Apple should buy Nintendo.

  7. @ Frogmella: You hit the nail on the head. This ‘prediction’ is like saying by 2012 I’ll be – drum role, please – 6 years older! Most likely my hair will be grayer, and I’ll have lost some. Or a lot. And my skin won’t look as young and elastic as it does now. Or I could possibly just be dead … you know … whichever comes first.

    I can’t believe how much some people get paid for what little they do these days.

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