Apple shares continued to climb in morning trading today, hitting new all-time intra-day highs. Apple shares currently stand at $92.93, up $2.62 or 2.9% on heavy volume of 13,153,296 for the Friday following Thanksgiving in the U.S.

The NASDAQ was closed yesterday for the holiday. On Wednesday, Apple Computer shares cracked the $90 mark to hit a new all-time closing high for third straight day of $90.31, up $1.71 or 1.93%, on volume of 23,831,895 shares. On Tuesday, Apple shares also closed at an all-time high of $88.60. On Monday, Apple shares closed at an all-time high of $86.47.

With 852,988,000 shares outstanding, Apple’s market value currently stands at $78,944,039,400.

Apple’s 52-week low was $50.16, set on July 14, 2006.

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