The Boston Globe: It’s an iPod world, we only live in it

“It’s an iPod world and we only live in it. Here is just a partial catalog of idiotic i-accessories you can purchase for the hottest consumer product in memory: iBling, a bejeweled case for the iPod Shuffle; iSkin, a different brand of podcases; iGuy, a Gumby-like plastic toy that holds an iPod Nano; the iShade screen protector; all kinds of iStation speaker systems; and likewise a variety of iHomes docking stations, including a travel alarm clock and a kitchen under-cabinet system suitable for mating with your iPod,” Alex Beam reports for The Boston Globe.

Beam reports, “i’M not finished! iJet makes a remote controller for the ubiquitous music player. Earlier this week, four airlines announced they’re installing iPod-compatible iSeat connections in real jets. iKlear makes a pod cleaning kit, and it’s increasingly common to see cars outfitted with iTrip systems that sync up your iPod with your car radio. The iCarPlay wireless device accomplishes pretty much the same thing. Can the long-rumored iPhone be far behind?”

Beam reports, “For the sacrilegious, there is the iBelieve snap-on case that transforms the iPod Shuffle into the shape of a cross. For the sexually adventurous, there is a device for sale in Great Britain called the iBuzz, about which I can say only that it doesn’t cut hair. Nike now makes the iSneaker (real name: Nike Plus), a $300 running pod-shoe system with an electronic voice that interrupts your music pleasure to tell you how your outing is going, e.g.: ‘Good grief, Alex. Could you possibly run any slower?'”

Full article here.

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  1. Hey Always Right: ignoring the Zune and its well received features will not make it go away. Microsoft’s marvelous Zune is like a locomotive–once it gets started (and it has, BIGTIME) it will be hard to stop. Just look at the vibrant energy and clear message in the Zune advertisements. Here’s a hint: this is a fresh, new hip product & you can squirt with this thing; look how happy everyone is to be freed from Apple’s dark dominance of the MP3 player market!

    It’s time for an MP3 player that can hold 30GB of music, pictures and video, it’s time for a color screen on an MP3 player, and finally, it’s time for integrated software and an online store which solves the problem getting data into an MP3 player effortlessly. Microsoft has answered the call and Apple is once again left to follow the leader. I don’t know why they even try.

    Do your iPod commercials have the same intelligent, youthful vigor Zune commercials do? No. Oh look at me, I can clip a shuffle on a shirt. Whoop-de-dooooo! Okay Apple, I get it. You can make clips. Got a stack of IT work orders on my desk for you. Now how about offering something people really want, and try not to copy the Zune in your typically “me-too” feeble attempt.

    Welcome to the Social.

  2. People, people have you all lost the ability to apreciate irony. If you need help, think of irony as subtle sarcasm and Zune Tang’s posts are almost comic genious. The Tangmeister is funny.

    BTW Zune Tanger if you’re not being ironic sorry for misinterpreting you but I still think you’re funny.

  3. Don’t satire? Just trade ‘Microsoft’ and ‘Apple’ in all of Zune Tang’s posts, as well as ‘Zune’ and ‘iPod’, etc, and maybe you’ll ‘get it’.
    Also – try watching Colbert.

    (pronounced coal-BEAR, btw)

    And watch out for bears.


    MW: ‘addition’ (or subtraction – how will Zune affect MS profits?)

  4. That’s why guys like Zune Tang and Sputnik crack me up. They post what is clearly sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek messages, and the clueless ones here freak out and spend the next fifty posts slamming them. It’s not so much what Zune Tang says is funny, it’s the responses he gets that are hilarious!!

  5. I love Zune Tang and his irony and sarcasm. It is a gentle and funny reminder of how sorry the Microsoft’s Zune mp3 player. It lists all it’s shortcomings and at the same, validates the iPod (in all it’s forms) as the single most influential product of the new millenium.

    It’s 1984 again, Apple rocks.

  6. Yes

    Anyone getting indignant with Zune Tang is missing the point, and prove themselves members of the knee jerk/humour bypass brigade that we assume Pc users belong to.

    Come on people look up the word irony, or in fact look up ‘platonic irony’ which i think means something along the lines of acting or saying idiotic things to actually show the stupidity of others……….. he is doing a good job me thinks.

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