The Boston Globe: It’s an iPod world, we only live in it

“It’s an iPod world and we only live in it. Here is just a partial catalog of idiotic i-accessories you can purchase for the hottest consumer product in memory: iBling, a bejeweled case for the iPod Shuffle; iSkin, a different brand of podcases; iGuy, a Gumby-like plastic toy that holds an iPod Nano; the iShade screen protector; all kinds of iStation speaker systems; and likewise a variety of iHomes docking stations, including a travel alarm clock and a kitchen under-cabinet system suitable for mating with your iPod,” Alex Beam reports for The Boston Globe.

Beam reports, “i’M not finished! iJet makes a remote controller for the ubiquitous music player. Earlier this week, four airlines announced they’re installing iPod-compatible iSeat connections in real jets. iKlear makes a pod cleaning kit, and it’s increasingly common to see cars outfitted with iTrip systems that sync up your iPod with your car radio. The iCarPlay wireless device accomplishes pretty much the same thing. Can the long-rumored iPhone be far behind?”

Beam reports, “For the sacrilegious, there is the iBelieve snap-on case that transforms the iPod Shuffle into the shape of a cross. For the sexually adventurous, there is a device for sale in Great Britain called the iBuzz, about which I can say only that it doesn’t cut hair. Nike now makes the iSneaker (real name: Nike Plus), a $300 running pod-shoe system with an electronic voice that interrupts your music pleasure to tell you how your outing is going, e.g.: ‘Good grief, Alex. Could you possibly run any slower?'”

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  1. “… the hottest consumer product in memory”?

    Let me just say that you better make room in your ‘hottest consumer product’ memory banks for Microsoft’s spectacular Zune. I would be very careful to make such a declaration until I see sales figures for Redmond’s latest wonder. The hits just keep coming from Microsoft and I can’t imagine Apple ever catching up to this one. 30GB of bliss.

    If anyone is excited it is the Zune accessories manufacturers. In the next few weeks there will be Zune this and Zune that at a quality level and usability standpoint you iPod lemmings will be drooling over. You want to make your first million in a hurry? You better start making accessories for Zune. This market is going to explode.

    Your potential. Our passion.

  2. I’m not sure what he’s talking about with the $300 Nike Plus system. I have the shoes that cost $100 and the Nike Plus transmitter which cost $29. I guess if you factor in the cost of a Nano then that would be $300, but that’s misleading to say that this accessory cost $300.

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