Spielberg draws the line at tailoring movies and TV for Apple iPod’s small screen

Director Steven Spielberg told an audience Monday at the International Emmys board of directors meeting, “in a free-ranging hour of interview with former NBC News correspondent Garrick Utley [amid] questions from the audience, [that Apple’s] iPod video may be all the rage, but count his films out from tailoring his films to fit the small screen,” Paul J. Gough reports for The Hollywood Reporter.

“‘That’s one medium where I have to draw the line,’ he said. ‘We’ll shoot for television and the movies and let there be a wide gap’ between that and the small 3-inch screen. He also said that he felt that people are social animals who will choose to go out to a movie rather than watch a show on widescreen,” Gough reports. “‘I don’t think movie theaters will ever go away,’ Spielberg said.”

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Just make the movies and TV shows, Mr. Spielberg, and we’ll watch them however you choose shoot them. We wonder what percentage of people watch movies they’ve purchased from Apple’s ITunes Store on their computer monitors and larger screens vs. their iPods. Most would probably tend to watch them on bigger screens and save a movie/TV show or two for the plane flight or train ride to work, if we had to guess. How do you watch your iTunes Store video content mostly? On your iPod, via iTunes on a larger monitor, or do you use Apple’s $19 iPod AV Cable to connect your iPod to a television set?

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  1. I love going to the movies. Or at least I did before it was considered acceptible to bring crying babies into grown up movies and before talking on cel phones during movies became the rage. The overall experience has really gone down hill. Most of my friends refuse to go with me because they leave pissed off at the rude people they shared the theater with. I think movie theaters will remain relevant to a certain audience. To parents who want to get rid of their teenagers for a few hours, and for parents too cheap to spring for a babysitter on a night out. For those who can afford plasma, movie theaters are out until they improve the experience.

  2. How do you prefer to listen to yor music? In large Speakers, small earphones, headphones, 7.1 surround systems?
    I believe that listenin in a surround system is the best, but you will listen to it whit the device that you can carry with you. It is the same for the movies, you will watch it where ver you can.

  3. I watch them on TV when home, especially let the kids watch their Disney movies. For the rest, watching a movie on the iPod on a late flight home is priceless. How many times could you read the news over and over again. Makes for the mind to wander and relax after those tiresome business trips.

    I was a bit skeptical at first but the image is crisp, sharp, bright and clear. Heck, I can see better details on the iPod than on an average TV screen.

  4. Actually, here’s the part of the article that caught my eye:

    “He also said that when his favorite TV show of the new season, NBC’s ‘Heroes,’ showed someone cut in half in the 9 p.m. hour, he sent his younger children out of the room. ‘I’m a parent who is very concerned,’ he said.”

    I went back and checked my copy of the episode. It’s rated TV14 for violent content.

    I guess Steve is not so concerned that he’s going to check the ratings.

    (This also from the guy who did a movie where a guy rips out the heart of a helpless victim and it’s rated ‘PG’)

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