Apple shares rocket to new all-time highs on strong sales outlook

“Holiday gift-giving may augur another banner December quarter for Apple Computer. That’s the word from Piper-Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who in a Nov. 16 research note said consumers may snap up as many as 15 million iPods in the last three months of the year,” Arik Hesseldahl reports for BusinessWeek.

Hesseldahl reports, “That, along with optimism that Apple is weeks away from releasing a spate of new products, pushed the stock to a record close, $85.61.”

Hesseldahl reports, “Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to announce a new round of products at the MacWorld Expo trade show that kicks off on Jan. 9.”

Full article here.
As we said last Thursday (and as Munster himself also warned was possible), the expectation of 15 million iPods is too low. Apple is currently trading up $1.37, or 1.58%, at $87.84 per share.

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  1. The sleeping bomb is all of this ipod/iphone frenzy is OSX, the world’s best OS. Once OSX gets a hold in the mass computer market, the Zune will hit the fan for Microsoft, and aapl will really rocket.

  2. The iPod bubble will soon bust. Ipod is coming to the end of its product cycle. People will never switch over to macs in large numbers since they have years invested into a decent os, Windows, with files and personal things on there PC. Bill Gates won a long time ago. Best Apple can to is shore up their base and add a few % of users the next ten years.

  3. Too bad for you that Apple will continue to upgrade and expand on the iPod line on a regular basis, so it’s not going to stay stagnant for years like Microsoft’s lines of hardware and software products tend to do. So don’t look for that “bubble” to burst anytime soon.

  4. Apple got lucky with the iPottie. Apple has always misread the public and how to sell their computers. Mac os will always be just a distant second, or alternative to the dominate player, MS.

  5. Let’s see, buy more AAPL or buy PALM?
    Buy more AAPL or buy DELL?
    Buy more AAPL or buy M$FT?

    These are hard choices®

    Rock on Steve!

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    “THERE” does not equal “THEIR” (in your first post). Since learning to differentiate these homophones is not rocket science, I suspect that you really DO NOT know it all!

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