Apple shares hit another new all-time high

Shares of Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) hit a new all-time high today, closing at $88.60, up $2.13 or 2.46%%, on volume of 22,274,133 shares. In after hours trading, Apple tacked on another $0.41 to hit $89.01.

Apple previous all-time high was $86.47, set yesterday. Apple’s 52-week low was $50.16, set on July 14, 2006.

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  1. I *know*! You can only be a shit seller for so long before people finally get sick and tired of your shit.

    Apple can do something no Windows vendor can: It can make a whole product.

    The Dell’s of the consumer world are now at the mercy of Microsoft, unless they can build an OS out of some free Linux or BSD distro. Is anybody even working on a consumer-oriented alternative? Or does MS still frown on that?

    Anyway, I bought the right stock.
    And I think this is just the beginning.


    MW: ‘stand’ (tall, closer to heaven)

  2. Hey “Rog”,

    A little friendly advice for you: never divulge what’s in your wallet. It can only breed animosity. Much brighter to just have a laugh to yourself and thank your lucky stars. I have a neighbor who brings up money related topics all the time and she can’t seem to resist doing a little bragging every now and then. In her case, I think it’s just insecurity – but I shake my head every time she goes into one of her fits. The best kind of warrior is one that has weapons that no one had any idea about…

  3. Good time to get out. Ipod’s are great, but the ride is almost over and the market is almost saturated. Macs will never do much more that 6% now that China is part of the game. Prices will drop more on PC hardware and people will stick with what they know (Windows). Sell after Macworld but before Q1. I will sell my 6500 shares and I encourage you to do the same. Get back in when the stock goes back to the low 60’s. I may even sell short at 72 and still make a killing.

  4. TNT

    I disagree. I think that everything we have seen from Apple since Steve Jobs’ return has been nothing but foundation laying for what they’re delivering now and intend to deliver in the future. Apple sells something no other electronics manufacturs sells, which is a kick ass user experience from beginning to end. Once you get accustomed to it, it really ruins you for all other manufacturers’ products. They always seem to fall just short of expectation. I think they have a very bright future. I think they will be the next Sony and Microsoft at the same time.

  5. Yes… China.

    China is mass-producing shit PCs.
    China is also building Macs.

    I don’t see why even cheaper shit PCs from China will be any better for this market.

    As far as the saturated market goes…
    Well, that’s exactly like saying that everyone already had a nice pair of jeans in 1990, so nowhere to grow there.


    MW: ‘french’ (fries: too tasty to boycott)

  6. TNT:

    Are you a fortune teller or something? How you know the market is saturated? 60+ millon iPods for, say, 2 billion people.. well, 1 billion are enough? well.. 500 million people… Ok… 70% of a market of what size? Some 86 million mp3 players sold are saturation?
    Man, analysts expect next year sales of 1 billion cell phones (just next year) Can Apple sell some 15 million iPods? What is the level of saturation?

    MW Further, as in try it.

  7. Apple market Value is 74 Billion now and Dell’s is 56 Billion

    So I guess apple is almost 50 % more prosperous than Dell.

    Michael Dell did say Apple should close down!!!.

    I guess some one is watching us all from above.

    So Watch it Steve!! dont get vocal with your success or attitude!!

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