Analysts: Vista could provide ample opportunity for Apple Mac market share gains

Microsoft’s Windows Vista “bears an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s Mac OS X. Vista does appear to provide a much more user-friendly experience than previous versions of Windows. However, Vista does appear to have its flaws. Installations can be sluggish, taking up to an hour and the graphics system still has some glitches,” JMP Securities’ Samuel Wilson, Ingrid Ebeling, Krishna Shankar, and Jonathan Curtis report for Barron’s.

“Vista will be missing the crucial holiday season. We believe that the fact that Vista is designed to be much like Apple’s OS X will, in the consumers mind, make the transition from using XP to Vista very comparable to making the transition from XP to Tiger [currently the latest version of OS X],” JMP Securities reports.

JMP Securities reports, “We believe this could provide ample opportunity for Apple to gain greater market share with consumers. With Apple’s next-generation operating system, Leopard, due in April 2007, we believe Apple will continue to stay more than a step in front of Microsoft.”

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  1. One thought about the “analyst” stories – although I don’t listen to the analysts because they are wrong more often than they are right, it’s nice to see the stories here because it means that people are paying attention to Macs and OS X. The analysts could be wrong, but at least they now know it exists and that Apple is getting into the minds of people.

  2. “…Apple will continue to stay more than a step in front of Microsoft?”

    How delusional can these analysts be? Microsoft’s wildly innovative Windows Vista will be a quantum leap evolution in computing leaving Apple in the dust. Again.

    This is no window of opportunity for Apple. They are still trying to implement XP features in their 30-year old Unix OS. Computer buyers will wisely purchase superior Windows machines over those bland, copycat Macs. Just as Zune’s clear advantages will make it a smashing success over the iPod, Vista will succeed based on its solid security, robust interoperability and use of open, industry-standard file formats. These are Microsoft’s core competencies. They innovate and don’t try to hide behind proprietary formats to bolster their market position like you-know-who.

    Back to the drawing board, Apple. Maybe in five years the Mac OS will look half as good as Vista.

    Your potential. Our passion.

  3. It takes about 20 mins to Install Vista (fresh copy). And it can take hour if your upgrading from xp i heard. I have not tried upgrading from xp. As always windows Performs better when its fresh installed from scratch.

    The author probably trying it on ancient machine like on 600Mhz with 256Mb ram or he took cnet statement about 1 hour to install fresh copy and glitches with video. There is no Glitches with video either in Rc2. And cnet dont say anything about glitches in RTM (Release to Manufacturing) Version now.

    Cnet was Wrong before and they are now about 1 hour time to install vista. Why would be someone believe cnet with there flawed review. As they said there was no Compatibility Wizard in Rc2 when there was in Rc2. Just right click on file and you will see it as Compatibility. Proof at Bye

  4. Also Vista is Not Secure Enough. Its better then xp. But not completely secure. You still need Anti-Virus. You can try free from AVG or Avast 4. And needs a spyware Scanner like Ad-Aware free version. The Windows Defender Sucks still it dont detect anyting its a fact. Try Ad-Aware instead which detects spyware. Bye

  5. We believe that the fact that Vista is designed to be much like Apple’s OS X will, in the consumers mind, make the transition from using XP to Vista very comparable to making the transition from XP to Tiger [currently the latest version of OS X]

    If this is true, then consumers would have switched to Tiger a long time ago. Why wait until Vista is unveiled before switching to OS X? If they decide to buy Vista then switch, then it’s going to be the transition from Vista to the latest version of Mac OS X.

    Mac OS X will continue to gain marketshare, but it’s because of other reasons than cited by this analyst. The pitiful resemblance of Vista to OS X only highlights the “innovations” of Microsoft in the mind of customers who at least know what Mac OS X is.

  6. Apple should help consumers save time, grief and money by launching a new Driveby On Arrival campaign. DOA for short, naturally. Sample message:
    “Save yourself from Vista, grief, and frustration. Justt get a Mac with its already superior operating system. It’s a Tiger.” You’ll end up saving money on virus software too. Macs don’t need it.

    Stock’s at 88.60 as I write. He who hesitates is lost.

  7. I hope Apple has something up their sleeve to really grab some attention, the current Mac vs PC ads are cute but they need some seriously hard hitting marketing or I fear Vista will just walk away with the prize big time.

    The unwashed masses just don’t get it yet and Apple marketing is not getting the message across IMHO.

    PC users still don’t know there are cheap Macs.

    Mac advantages are unclear to PC users.

    PC users still think they can get a highend PC a lot cheaper than a Mac.

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