Nintendo sells over 600,000 Wii consoles at launch

“Nintendo had no problem getting rid of its first batch of its Wii gaming console. According to media reports, U.S. buyers snapped up about 600,000 devices within a few minutes after launch. Nintendo promised to follow up with 400,000 more consoles until the end of the year,” Wolfgang Gruener reports for TG Daily.

“The least expensive of the three third generation gaming machines had a smashing start: At least if we believe NexGen wars, a website that tracks game console sales, Nintendo had sold more than 667,000 Wii consoles by Monday noon, more than double of what Sony was able to sell of its Playstation 3, which was estimated to have sold about 259,000 units initially and will remain in very limited supply until the second quarter of next year,” Gruener reports. “Microsoft, which has a one-year lead over its two competitors, has sold about 7.1 million Xbox 360 units so far.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Not Apple-related, but may be interesting to some MDN readers. We’re going to follow the story of Nintendo’s Wii for pretty obvious reasons.

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  1. The most obvious reason: The people behind MDN dig Nintendo. What’s so hard to see about that?

    I haven’t really been a gamer in quite a few years, but if I were to buy a console right now, it would be hard to overlook the Blue Ray capabilities of PS3.

  2. That … obviously Cpt Obvious will have the obvious answer as to why it’s so obvious.

    Obvious … whoa!!! the more i look at that word the weirder it looks.

    As for game platforms – give me a Sketch-o-graph anyday.

    MW – Age
    oww!! how do they know so much about me.? creepy freaks.

  3. That … obviously, Cpt Obvious will have the obvious answer as to why it’s so obvious.

    Obvious … whoa!!! the more i look at that word the weirder it looks.

    As for game platforms – give me a Sketch-o-graph anyday.

    MDN MW – Age
    Ouch !! how do they know so much about me? the creepy freaks.

  4. Oops, my bad.

    – I thought it had timed out, as i had to refresh.

    Darn you MDN – anyway as i am here, love the “smashing” bit.

    “Corker” would have been good as well
    or “cracker” or even “right champion” but you need to put on a pommy twist to em.

  5. @Andy C.

    It’s $200 cheaper than you say if you want your games console to be a GAMES CONSOLE and not a pawn in next-gen DVD format war.

    Not that I am fan of 360, as I said the best games on it are also on Windows.

    PS3 is same old games as PS1, PS2, PSP but with a mid-range nVidia graphic card. Impressed, not. Been there, done that, bored with it.

    Wii looks interesting and innovative.

  6. I think Sony and Nintendo have made the classic Asian mistake of making low initial qty’s of their newest product for the Christmas season.

    I am a pro Apple kind of guy. But, M$ will benefit from the blunder. This time they are out there with a comparable product that is available to anyone at non-Ebay prices. I remember when I bought my original PS (later known as the PS One). When did they release…the fall. With low qty’s.

    The video game console market has changed in the U.S. The makers need to change the way they distribute their wares.

    Just my $0.02

  7. I think the “obvious” reason is that people who are fanatical about Apple have a better than average chance of also being fanatical of Nintendo. Apple and Nintendo are similar in their nature. They both started their respective markets. They’re both insanely creative, and original. And yet they’ve suffered at the hands of soulless behemoth companies that pump out crap that makes them tonnes of money, but does nothing to fulfill the potential of the market.

    MDN is right to post news about the Wii. I love that I can come to one site and get my Apple and my Nintendo fix.

  8. all of guys are wrong i own all three and the box has got it locked. the gaystation sucks and the wii is just weird to play but fun as all get out before you talk about the playstation being cheaper and better maybe you should look at sony’s latest standings, they have been doing bad manufacturing wise and they have the worst online service so why wouldn’t they give there crappy online service to you free.ive already getting tons of problems from it. not to mention its not free for most games to play the games full potential you have download levels and startups from the s store online which is rediculously expensive compared to the xbox and wii. I’ve been playing it and its a xbox live copy wanna be .Sony only steals they don’t innovate at all. Gears of war has sold more games faster than the playstation sold and sold a ass load of consoles. plus microsoft and wii take care of there customers unlike playstation remember the disc read errors for ps2 anyone!!!!!! Graphics will never reach a high level on the playstation because the developers have already said that they would not take the extra time to develop games for blu ray graphics in 1080p not to mention its not worth it for video there are movies being filmed in hd 1080p resolution standards. they just boost them up to an emulated 1080p. 1080i will surfice for at least another to years. So wait for the playstion 3 iw wish I had maybe ill sell this peace of crap on ebay!! This all from someone who has a masters in computer electronics so don’t believe the hype!!!!!

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