Nintendo sells over 600,000 Wii consoles at launch

“Nintendo had no problem getting rid of its first batch of its Wii gaming console. According to media reports, U.S. buyers snapped up about 600,000 devices within a few minutes after launch. Nintendo promised to follow up with 400,000 more consoles until the end of the year,” Wolfgang Gruener reports for TG Daily.

“The least expensive of the three third generation gaming machines had a smashing start: At least if we believe NexGen wars, a website that tracks game console sales, Nintendo had sold more than 667,000 Wii consoles by Monday noon, more than double of what Sony was able to sell of its Playstation 3, which was estimated to have sold about 259,000 units initially and will remain in very limited supply until the second quarter of next year,” Gruener reports. “Microsoft, which has a one-year lead over its two competitors, has sold about 7.1 million Xbox 360 units so far.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Not Apple-related, but may be interesting to some MDN readers. We’re going to follow the story of Nintendo’s Wii for pretty obvious reasons.

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  1. And Sony is going against Microsoft too, yet they aren’t using 5 year old graphics technology like Nintendo is. I’ll go with the PS3 in this round of the console wars myself.

  2. good call RC, even though the GC had some of the most beautiful graphics ever…

    RE4 anyone?

    (RE4 on the GC outsold the other two versions as did the Soulcaliber GC version… with much better graphics)

  3. “Everything here revolves around ads and hits. Even the picture is an ad. Pretty soon we’ll have to click on an ad just to post a comment.”

    get adblock for firefox.

    i have blocked every stinking ad and pop up on this site, and it’s actually readable now!

    now if it could only block the smug snot sarcasm sometimes…

  4. RE:

    It says on their site — at the top and in big letters — that they get their data from’s sales. Hardly Xbox 360 fanbois.

    Likewise which shows the results of the ongoing HD DVD versus Blu-ray wars; again it’s real sales data from

    For me Xbox 360 just has same games as my Windows partition; PS3 has prettier versions of the same old games as PS2 and PS1 and PSP (Ridge Racer 7? Please! How boring); Wii for gaming fun please.

    Like Apple, Nintendo have small market share but are actually profitable. Indeed Wii is profitable from day one whereas PS3 (wants to be next gen DVD player) and 360 (wants to be home media center) are both losing their manufacturers a pile of money.

  5. The Wii doesn’t have the graphics we all get that. It is much more powerful than the Gamecube by the way. Nintendo’s focus is not about being the most powerful they are about being the most innovative. The Wii plays games in a way that no other console plays, right now they are not concerned about having the HD graphics, they are focusing on having fun with the games that you have. What good is a game playing in 720 or 1080 if its a boring game or plays like the older ones just prettier.

  6. My wife and I have only used Safari, and we have never encountered a pop up on this website. So we are confused as to why alot of you have a pop up problem. Are you using your converted netscape browser that is a part of your horrid aol web connection or what?

    The obvious reason MDN is watching all the Nintendo news is because it is said that Apple may be buying Nintendo in the future.

  7. Clearly 600,000 gamers who don’t have high definition video or simply have no appreciation for it.

    I **have** to have HD. So the Wii is a wee bit uninteresting to me. Once you have HD you can never go back.

  8. That NYT ‘review’ of the PS3 is very biased and leaves out a lot of big cons for the XBox 360 like having to pay $50US per year for the privilege of playing games online and how it’s much more expensive than the PS3 in the long run. Once you add the rechargeable battery option, wifi option and HD DVD optoin, the XBox 360 ends up costing much more than the PS3 and still only has 1/3 the hard disk space, slower ethernet networking, no BlueTooth, no HDMI and no memory card slots.

    If you want a real next generation console, get the PS3. If you can’t afford a PS3 or want it for your kids, get a Wii, but DON’T buy a 360 thinking that it’s cheaper, because it isn’t.

    Do the math:
    XBox 360 Pro: $400
    +Play and charge kit: $20
    +HD DVD drive: $200
    +XBox 360 Wireless Network adapter: $100
    TOTAL: $720

    Playstation 3 Premium: $600

    Savings: $120+tax, plus $50/year if you want to play games online, and you still get a more powerful system with 3 times the hard disk space, 10x faster ethernet networking and motion sensing controller.

    The XBox 360 is the more expensive console of the three people. Don’t let yourself be fooled.

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