Apple gears up to launch annual one-day-only ‘Black Friday’ sale

“Apple Computer is gearing up to launch its annual ‘Black Friday’ sale next week, in which it will offer price cuts on various Mac and iPod products in a 24-hour bid to usher in the holiday shopping season with a bang,” AppleInsider reports.

“The one day event extends from the company’s online store to its national retail chain,” AppleInsider reports. “About the same time Apple kicks-off its Black Friday festivities, the company is expected to announce “holiday store hours” at many of its retail locations. Unlike the Black Friday sale, the extended hours of operation will run through the entire holiday shopping season.”

AppleInsider reports, “Traditionally, Apple has pre-announced plans for its Black Friday bonanzas but kept specific discounts and sale items a secret until the day of the sale.”

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  1. Black Friday will take on a whole new meaning for Apple when all of those iPods remain on store shelves as enlightened shoppers grab whatever will be left of Microsoft’s latest must-have creation: the Zune. This will truly be a dark day indeed.

    What will the Apple Store employees do with their free time? They can try to come up with Zune FUD for the one or two iPod lemmings who might stop by. I’ve seen this time and time again from Apple–misinform customers in an attempt to sell their unimaginative copycat products and use their market share advantage to bully the competition. Good luck coming up with something Apple, as we all know the Zune is a technological marvel.

    Try to sell against the generous and flexible WiFi implementation in a Zune. You can’t. Try to sell against the points system at the Zune Marketplace. Forget it. Position the iPod as an ultra-portable myspace-like platform where you can squirt pictures of drunk teenagers to each other. Not gonna happen. Consumers aren’t dumb. They want WiFi in their MP3 players, points instead of currency and pictures of teenagers partying. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board, Apple. Again.

    Welcome to the Social.

  2. I wonder about people like Zune Tang — how much free time do people like that have if they spend all their time on Mac blogs when they’re clearly not interested in Mac information and gossip.

    Do Mac users troll Microsoft blogs just so they can post crap things?

    Gee, get a life people!

    My feeling is if you want to buy an iPod, great. If you want to buy a Zune, well good for you, too. Go on to a Zune blog (there must be a few by now, right) and bash the iPod’s failings and sing the Zune’s (limited) pleasures there. Not here.

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