Woz to answer questions live online on November 21

“Computing legend Steve Wozniak will be online Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 2pm ET to answer questions and discuss his recently published memoir: iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon,” The Washington Post reports.

“Steve Wozniak is best known for inventing one of the first personal computers which ignited the computer revoluation, but he’s also held the lofty titles of concert promoter, fifth-grade teacher, philanthropist, and is known as an irrepressible prankster,” The Washington Post reports.

You can submit a question or comment to Woz now or during the discussion via The Washington Post here.

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  1. I have nothing against Woz and I’m glad that he built the first Apple computer, but pardon me for asking: Has he done anything a little more recently? I mean, is he really a big expert on 21st century technology when he appears to have retired 20 years ago?

  2. “I’m glad that he built the first Apple computer….
    Has he done anything a little more recently?”

    i’m sure albert einstein and christian barnard (1st heart tranplant) faced the same skepticism 25 years later.

    i think its great Woz is expessing his views. i would also like to hear more from paul allen.

    without them, would apple and microsoft exist?

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