PC World’s 13 Most Embarrassing Web Moments: #1 Microsoft CEO Steve ‘Monkey Boy’ Ballmer

“The Internet is the most efficient information distribution system ever known. But if you’re not careful, it’s also the perfect way to embarrass yourself in front of the entire world,” Christopher Null writes for PC World.

PC World’s 13 Most Embarrassing Web Moments:
13: Patrick Tribett’s mug shot
12: AOL posting the search records of 658,000 subscribers
11: Cat Schwartz’s nude photos: be careful with Photoshop cropping
10: British Amulet Group’s laying off 2,500 via SMS text message sent en masse to employees’ cell phones
9: CNN’s Kyra Phillips bathroom girl talk during President Bush speech
8: CNN’s online obituaries for some famous but not-quite-dead folks
7: London lawyer Richard Phillips demanding measly £4 restitution from secretary for spilling ketchup on his trousers
6: BBC’s “Apple Computer vs. the Beatles’ Apple Corps” expert Guy Goma
5: Kirk Reynolds, PR director for the San Francisco 49ers, 15-minute primer on dealing with the press featuring racial slurs and nudity
4: The “Star Wars Kid” Ghyslain Raza
3. Howard Dean’s infamous “Dean Scream”
2. Lee Paige, a 45-year-old Drug Enforcement Agency officer, shoots himself in the foot on videotape in auditorium filled with kids.
1. That’s One Way to Rally the Troops: Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, will stop at nothing to keep the legions of Microsoft employees motivated and entertained, even at his own expense. It must have been this spirit that prompted Ballmer to take the stage during a 2001 company event to the tune of Gloria Estefan’s “Get on Your Feet,” performing what was quickly dubbed “The Monkey Boy Dance.” Part “Skip to My Lou” and part Nazi goose step, Ballmer “danced” while screaming at his minions: “Wooooo! Get up! Come on! Give it up for me!” A few days later, an unrepentant and sweat-drenched Ballmer would lead a crowd to repeatedly chant “Developers!” Video remixes of both performances abound.

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We’re not sure how Pam and Paris escaped this list, but without further ado:

Ballmer “Monkey Boy” video:

Ballmer “Developers, developers, developers!” video:

One of our all-time favorites:
“Young FrankenSteve” video:


  1. Reminds me of someone suffering speed psychosis.

    psychosis |sīˈkōsəs| noun ( pl. -ses |-ˌsēz|) a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

    Yep, definitely speed psychosis.

  2. Well, not all of them are really “internet”-based. Like the CNN reporter in the bathroom or the BBC Guy.

    But I definitely agree–the Ballmer monkey bit will last forever. When he dies, that’ll be in his obituary.

  3. If one doesn’t believe in “Darwinism”, then these videos definately supports it. There is no way that evolution could explain why Ballmer would float to the top, just no way. Breaks all the rules.

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