New DVD goes ‘In Search of the Valley’ and finds Woz, Jobs, Mac stories among others

“Director/writer/editor Steve O’Hear, narrator Selwyn George and producer Fleeta Siegel tour the Silicon Valley for a month, with side trips to Napa on an important wine fact-finding tour. Even before they get to the zinfandel, the trio of English journalists are starry-eyed about both the lore and future potential of the valley. And they get some very impressive names to open their doors for them,” Richard von Busack reports for metroactive.

Busack reports, “The highly accessible Steve Wozniak describes his own view of Apple Computers. And Steve Jobs—well, Jobs is MIA, though a few who knew him or encountered him have their say. Former Apple “evangelist” Guy Kawasaki claims, ‘First there was Jesus, and then there was Steve.’ Daniel Kottke, Jobs’ former friend and first employee, ruefully mulls over what those stock options would have been like if he’d had them. Most amusingly, Dr. Brenda Laurel, a tattooed woman of a certain age, recalls looking for a job on NEXT, while wearing an unfortunate orange polyester maternity dress. According to Laurel, she was told by Jobs: ‘You look like a sofa.’ ‘Wow, you’re as sensitive as everyone says you are!’ enthused Laurel, who did not end up working with the great man.”

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MacDailyNews Note: “In Search of the Valley” is available on DVD for US$17.99. See for details.

The film features:
• Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak
• Adobe co-founder, John Warnock
• Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark
• Macromedia co-founder, Marc Canter
• Early Apple employees, Andy Hertzfeld, Jef Raskin, Dan Kottke, and Sandy Miranda
• Apple Evangelist, Guy Kawasaki
• Personal Computer pioneer, Lee Felsenstein
• Digibarn curator, Bruce Damer
• Apache developer, Brian Bhelendorf
• O’Reilly Media founder, Tim O’Reilly
• and many, many more…

In Search of the Valley film trailer:


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