Report: Apple ‘iPhone’ coming early 2007, to feature built-in 2MP camera

“While speculation regarding Apple Computer’s upcoming iPhone continues to circulate, a recent research report from BNP Paribas revealed that certain Taiwan component makers will be major beneficiaries,” Kung-Tien Huang and Esther Lam report for DigiTimes.

“BNP noted that shipments of an iPhone equipped with a 2-megapixel camera is slated for launch in the second quarter of next year. Annual shipments should total about 5-6 million units,” DigiTimes reports.

“Taiwan component makers will start shipping mechanical components for the iPhone in the first quarter of 2007 but initial revenue benefits will be limited, as only one model has been planned,” DigiTimes reports.

Full article here.

“According to the report, Foxconn will begin delivering the phones to Apple out of its Fushikang manufacturing facility at run rate of 500,000 to 600,000 per month beginning in February,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple will also reportedly tap long-time iPod casing manufacturer Catcher Technology to mold and manufacturer the phone’s exterior housing. In recent years, Catcher has supplied casings for Apple’s aluminum iPod mini and, most recently, its second-generation clip-on iPod shuffle player,” Jade reports.

Full article here.

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  1. It’s interesting to read all these US based comments on the iPhoneY when ever this is a topic of conversation. I get the impression that the US mobile phone market is very much behind many other parts of the world.

    Unless Apple can pull out some more complelling features I dont think I will be gving up my SE K800 with 3MP camera.

    MW = hope …..

  2. Bondiboi writes: “It’s interesting to read all these US based comments on the iPhoneY when ever this is a topic of conversation. I get the impression that the US mobile phone market is very much behind many other parts of the world.

    Unless Apple can pull out some more complelling features I dont think I will be gving up my SE K800 with 3MP camera.”

    I’d wager that whatever Apple comes up with will be far better than whatever shit-hole part of the world you live in.

  3. McGreevy— Don’t be a dick!

    The fact is that the US cell system IS behind many parts of the world. But there is a big reason for this. The traditional US landline phone system was so superior to the ANYWHERE else in the world that there was not same push to cell technology as in places like Europe. Cell technology enabled places without the wired infrastructure (like the US) to finally have decent connectivity. The adoption of cellular phone in Europe was almost unanimous because it was SO much better than what they had. In the US, there is still a large segment of people that don’t own cell phones; they have no need. Much of the US has NO need for cell phones. They are a convenience here, not a necessity. A lot of us here in America think of a phone as something to speak with. For me, whether a cell phone has a 2 or 3 megapixal camera is of absolutely no interest; I couldn’t care less if there were NO camera (video would be different).

    Anyway… I am happy for places like Europe that cell technology was a big help. At the same time, people need to recognize the forces that bring change to one place and not others. And people like McGreevy need to be less insulting and parochial. The fact is that APPLE is a company with international interests. It WILL need to compete with the best phones from around the world. I suspect it will bring more to the table than a pretty face.

  4. If they’re using a Broadcom baseband chip (as the reference article says), I sure hope it’s something like the BCM2152 and *not* the BCM2122 (as stated).

    The BCM2122 is quad band GSM/GPRS. That’d be 2G or 2.5G depending upon your perspective…but it’s not mobile broadband. Also, by default, only supports USB 1.1.

    The BCM2152 is HSDPA/WCDMA and EDGE/GPRS/GSM. Up to 7.2 megabits over-the-air. USB 2.0. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS “aware”. And the hardware already includes optimizations for AAC playback and H.264 video playback. And it’s only $30 in quantity 10,000.


  5. MrGreevy, now that I think more and more about your behavior here, the more I want to anal rape you in order to give you a much needed attitude adjustment. Why don’t you take your American dumb ass crap and go back to your trailer park. Have sex with your mom or whatever. Sheesh! You have no class and no clue.

  6. “A bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys.”

    That’d be the French, not all of Europe.

    For sale: French army rifle. Never fired, only dropped once.

    “I don’t know why people are surprised that France won’t help us get Saddam out of Iraq. After all, France wouldn’t help us get the Germans out of France.” —Jay Leno

    Q: What is a citizen of Paris called?
    A: A Parasite.

    Q: How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris?
    A: No one knows. It’s never been tried.

    Q: How many gears does a French tank have?
    A: Five, four in reverse and one forward (in case of attack from behind).

    French knock knock joke:

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    I give up.

    Q: What do you call a person who’s interested in France?
    A: Potential conqueror.

    “And their women don’t shave their armpits.”

    Ok, so that would be all of Europe.

    Q: What do you call someone in France taking a bath?
    A: A tourist

    A Frenchwoman with a parrot on her shoulder walks into a bar. The barman says “That’s an real ugly bird you’ve there. Where did u get it?”

    The parrot says “I got it in France … There’s millions of ’em there”

  7. Hmm
    My observation on the state of cell phne useage in the USA was not meant to offend. It’s just that travelling in Asia and Europe it is quite obvious that use of mobile phones is considerably advanced. In many places such as in Sth Korea, Malasia and Singapore they are prolific.
    I expect that Spark is correct in that many of these places there wsa no the same investment in copper lines so as their economies grow they are in a position to leapforg the old technology.

    Oh and my particular “shit-hole part of the world” today is Bondi Beach, Oz and I assure you use of mobiles here is near to mandatory.

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