Analyst estimates Apple will sell 14-15 million iPods in holiday quarter; says estimate could be low

“Analyst firm Piper Jaffray estimates that Apple will sell between 14 and 15 million iPods in the December quarter, according to a research note provided by senior research analyst Gene Munster,” MacNN reports.

Munster notes that data is “preliminary and extrapolated from October sales statistics collected by NPD,” MacNN reports. “Piper Jaffray is also quick to add that its results do not include sales of the new iPod shuffle, which only began shipping November 3rd. The basic music player is prepared to have a ‘material impact’ on the total number of iPods sold. ‘Our current expectations for the quarter could prove to be low,’ Munster added.”

Full article here.
Munster’s right; his estimate is too low. Apple will exceed 14-15 million units by millions this holiday quarter. (Note: Apple sold 14.043 million iPods last holiday quarter.)


  1. Apple has always sold in the holiday quarter more iPods than in the previous 3 quarters combined. In the last three quarters of fiscal 2006 they’ve sold 24 million iPods. If Apple sells a mere 14 million iPods in 1Q FY2007 that will be a severe disappointment.

  2. I just went from my family owning one to my family owning three. I’ve heard of many other people picking up a second or third one. If that is a larger trend, the numbers could be very large this quarter….

    ….and if there is a wide screen video iPod in January, I might pick up a fourth….

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