PC Magazine Editor’s Choice: Nintendo Wii is ‘fun, engaging, wildly innovative’

“Let’s get this out of the way first: the Wii’s graphics look terrible compared with the competition. But within about a half hour of playing games on Nintendo’s revolutionary Wii, you won’t care. This new game console transcends visuals to deliver the most satisfying game play, for a wide range of gamers, than either the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3,” Jim Louderback reports for PC Magazine. (The Nintendo Wii will go on sale starting Sunday, November 19.)

“Using the controllers can be as simple as waving the primary device around like a wand… during the first 20 minutes of testing, as we played Nintendo’s excellent new Twilight Princess game, both my 7-year-old son and I were pining for the old school. But after about a half hour, we were clicking, swinging, pointing, and playing with ease. By mid-day, we were hooked,” Louderback reports.

“Most Wii customers probably won’t start off with the complex Twilight Princess game, however, since Nintendo will include Wii Sports, a cartoony take on baseball, bowling, golf, tennis, and boxing, with every Wii it sells this fall. Wii Sports lets you ease into the new controller and helps current console gamers break old habits. During an extended weekend of testing the new console and the new games, with current console users and those new to gaming, the new controller delivered an immersive and easy-to-use experience,” Louderback reports.

“It remains to be seen whether Nintendo will capture a large number of nongamers, but the Wii will certainly appeal to everyone who owns a GameCube, along with families and other gamers looking for something new. Nintendo expects more than 30 games to be available for the Wii this fall, with more on the way next year. And at $250, the Wii is a much easier purchase, one that will deliver more fun to your home than its pricey competitors. If you can find one.”

Much, much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Note: Not Apple-related, but may be interesting to some MDN readers. We’re going to follow the story of Nintendo’s Wii for pretty obvious reasons.

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  1. ya know, everybody says the wii’s graphics are TERRIBLE compared to the 360 – i mean, they’re not as good and i’d be a moron to contest otherwise, but it’s unfair to call the graphics TERRIBLE – twilight princess looks great, as does excite truck and the upcoming mario galaxies. i know it can’t hold a candle to the 360 or ps3 but it IS still an upgrade from the previous generation of systems.

    and for $250? i know who’s new system will be sitting next to MY 50″ NON-HD TV.

  2. ChubbaWubba, where in the hell do you see that? *Looks again* Oh, it’s hidden UNDER the advertisements.

    Figures. Well, I suppose you understood John Kerry’s statement a couple of weeks ago as well.

  3. If Apple made a gaming console it would be the Wii. After looking at their web site and watching the videos of people playing the Wii, I kept thinking how clever and similar to Apple’s marketing strategy this was.

    I don’t know if there is any strategic integration between Apple and Nintendo, but if there could be, I think it would be a nice pairing. It’s hard not to think that the folks over at Nintendo understand Apple’s marketing success and are using it to great effect.

    Nintendo didn’t imitate, they innovated!

  4. I played on at the local GameStop yesterday. They asked for my license then handed over the controller. I played ExciteTruck. Stupid me didn’t know it was supposed to be held sideways, so I spent a few minutes confused by the control scheme. Hehe… after one lap and getting thoroughly thrashed, I got the hang of it. It’s a REALLY fun game! My wife however was scared to death of the thing and wouldn’t touch it. They should add a sign or something, I wasn’t sure if the Wii worked or if it was dead like the first month of XBox 360 demo units. Wish they had Zelda on it.

  5. LOL. No HD support no Wii for you… GOOD. It’s because of people like you obsessed with graphics that the gaming industry is what it is right now. THAT’S why you won’t buy an innovative piece of electronics that PLAYS GAMES? Wow. As I said, good riddance. Go buy an overpriced PS3 to get the HD stuff and leave the real gaming experience to us.

  6. Love my Macs, will love my Wii (when it arrives).

    Nintendo and Apple are similar companies: innovative, secretive, obsessive towards high quality, low market share but highly profitable, zealot fanbase. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Who care about highest resolution graphics — it’s a GAMES CONSOLE, it’s the fun of the games that counts.

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