Justin Long says he has not stopped doing Apple ‘Get a Mac’ ads

In a post to his “Justin ONLINE – The Official Justin Long Site” today, actor Justin Long (“I’m a Mac” in Apple’s “get a Mac” campaign) writes:

as for the mac commercials, i don’t know where that report came from that said i wasn’t going to do anymore – i literally setting my alarm right now to wake up for a mac shoot tomorrow – if i’m not doing anymore i guess i can sleep in on my day off – that’d be nice. but yeah, we’re doing some holiday spots now which i think will be pretty funny – not nearly funny enough to justifiy the money they’re paying me though, i’ll be honest with you. as for the future, i really don’t know what i’m going to do – i’m surprised, frankly, that the campaign hasn’t become tired and they’ve just ended it on their own – but i try to live as much in the present as i can considering the future doesn’t exist, i’m not really sure. they’re easy to do, i love john (the pc guy) and working with him is so effortless and fun that i definitely wouldn’t rule out doing some more – and, as i said, they pay us nicely.

Last Wednesday, Jeff Bercovici reported for Radar Online that Long’s “days as an Apple pitchman are over.” (Please see related article below.)

Full article here.

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  1. Some people subscribe to the theory that it doesn’t matter what people are saying about you as long as they’re talking about you. Can’t say that I entirely agree, but it IS interesting how much buzz these ads have generated. Can’t say that about every big-name ad campaign for sure.

    I do wonder, along with many other Apple supporters, why Apple doesn’t at least show their products in their advertising (a 1.5 second flash of iMac at the end of a one-minute commercial does not qualify as showing the product); but on the other hand, Apple seems to be opening an Apple Store smack dab in the middle of every big shopping district on the planet, and their stores (every one I’ve been in, at least) are always mobbed with potential customers.

    So Apple is not exactly hiding their products from potential customers; and if it’s true that half of all store purchases are made by first-time Mac buyers, then it appears that Apple is really rolling and lots of tv advertising (regardless of the content) helps to keep the momentum going. Afterall, most people evidently are dumb enough to believe that something must be good if they see it on tv. Whatever.

  2. The whole ad campaign is really very well conceived and executed, ihmo. These smart little vingettes quickly illustrate significant aspects of the Mac/PC contrast circumstance in easily recognizable contexts of familiar user experiences. Long looks just fine in his present incarnation and I would surmise that his character has plenty of room for future embellishment.

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