How to enable Front Row on Apple’s Mac Pro

“On the Mac Pros, Front Row is installed but refuses to launch. You can see it is installed, as the application file is in /System -> Library -> CoreServices, and it is even an option to install on the Restore DVD. But Command-Escape produces nothing, and double-clicking on the app just creates two entries in the Console log: Bootstrap not privileged and No Remote Present,” Sylvain writes for Mac OS X Hints.

Sylvain writes, “The first message is not an issue (Front Row is not supposed to be started from a double-click), but the second gives the answer: Front Row does not launch because it checks to see if the Apple IR remote is present. So the solution is to fool the system into thinking there is an IR remote…”

Full article explaning how to enable Front Row on the Mac Pro here.


  1. Oh, a bit of Googling revealed the answer. Command-Escape is apparently the keyboard command to launch Front Row.

    I don’t have Front Row and don’t use it, that’s why I hadn’t come across this key sequence before.


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