Apple now shipping 17-inch MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo units

MacDailyNews readers “James,” “Peter,” and “joe” all report having received 17-inch MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo shipment confirmations from Apple. These are the first confirmations we’ve heard about from readers.

Apple announced the new 17-inch MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo on October 24, 2006, at the time saying the unit “will ship next week.”

Apple’s online store (U.S) currently lists shipping times for the unit as: “7-10 business days.”

MacNN also reports confirmations that the units are now shipping.

See the new 17-inch MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo here.


  1. It will interesting to find out if the ATI x1600 graphics speed is upgraded for the new 17″ models. The 15″ MacBook Pros were previously set to around 300mhz core and memory, the new ones are more like 420Mhz core 475mhz memory – nice for playing some games.

    I think the 17″ models were around 420mhz core, 450mhz memory for the Core Duo 17″ MacBook Pros, so the new 15″ MacBook Pros have slightly faster graphics than the original 17″ ones.

  2. anyone know if the new ATI drivers are better than the previous REV.? I remember a review with Cinebench test showing that the X1600 was rather crap dealing with certain OGL heavy apps compared to the NVidia card in the same test. Sorry, can’t remember the source. :/

  3. Ordered a 17 inch gossy screen on October 25th. Been put off once, since it was not shipped by November 8th. Now Apple says it will ship sometime between the 13th and 15, delivered sometime between the 15th and 20th.

    The waiting is just agonizing……c’mon Apple….get it right!

    Oh the pain!

  4. I just wish there were more BTO setups for these machines. I hate the DVD burners in laptops. How absurd is that anyway? If I want to burn I’ll attach an external burner. Actually, I would also get rid of the backlit keyboard if I could. I’d rather have a second row of F-keys!

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