BusinessWeek: ‘By this time next year, Microsoft’s Zune will be considered a dismal failure’

“After five years of pummeling us with the iPod and its associated iTunes music service and some 3,000 accessories, Apple is poised to face what some might say is its first real challenger. And that challenger is Microsoft’s digital music player, Zune, which is poised to hit the market on Nov. 14 with the express intent of encroaching on Apple’s turf,” Arik Hesseldahl writes for BusinessWeek.

“I can’t fault Microsoft for envying Apple’s success. (And it’s not exactly the first time that Microsoft has looked on enviously at something that Apple does.) Even for Microsoft, which took in $44.6 billion in revenue in the most recent fiscal year, a product that brings in $7.6 billion in sales a year is nothing to sneeze at. Over five years, Apple has sold nearly 70 million iPods worth nearly $14 billion—all that at gross margin estimated to be at or near 50%,” Hesseldahl writes. “So does the Zune have a chance?”

Hesseldahl writes, “But so far, the device doesn’t have much to offer compared with the iPod. It will come in only one storage capacity, and that isn’t all that high, especially when you consider that it’s intended to play a mix of music and video. The Zune won’t have all that many accessories, won’t integrate with any cars, and doesn’t support any language other than English.”

“So what does Zune offer the potential iPod-hater beyond the fact that it’s not an iPod? For one, there’s wireless connectivity… But how many times a day do you really feel like sharing a song that’s playing on your personal player with someone else? It’s almost more efficient, and more permanent given the ‘3-play 3-day’ limitations on playing shared songs I’ve been hearing about, to burn a CD and give that to your friend,” Hesseldahl writes.

Hesseldahl writes, “You have to be cool to know cool. And since when is Microsoft cool? The iPod was cool from birth. The Zune will be seen for what it is: a me-too product that is expressing Microsoft’s envy at not being cool. It will carve out its own niche of the market, but by this time next year, it will be considered a dismal failure.”

Full article here.
Independent Zune reviews, while somewhat repetitive, are still quite fun to read. We have to imagine that Hesseldahl’s “dismal failure” line launched at least one chair and caused several F-bombs to be dropped in Uncle Fester’s office this morning. We honestly can’t recall another product that’s been so heavily publicized, yet so poorly received as Microsoft’s brown squirter.

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  1. At the risk of repeating myself and others in the MDN forum, just wait until the general public gets its hands on one of these iTurds and sees for itself what a rip-off it really is!

    No video. No click wheel. No previously-purchased “Plays For Sure” songs. No real, lasting “squirting” of songs to others. Only 30GB of storage space. No “podcasting.” No audiobooks. No free-standing songs of ANY kind, those ripped from one’s purchased CDs or created with “Garageband.”

    Let the howling (and returning to the store of purcahse) begin!


    “C’mon giys, there’s still a chance.
    I mean, what if a strange and mysterious virus plagues iTunes?
    What if brown is the next white?
    What if we put out a contract on a certain genuis?
    OK, maybe we just threaten to…
    Unless MacHeads buy a Zune-they will lose their leader!!!!
    Let’s get advertising and retail in here NOW!!! And WHERE ARE ALL MY CHAIRS?????”


  3. Before you guys knocks off Microsoft, consider this scenario. Microsoft is applying the same Xbox methodoly to the Zune. Sure, lots of people thought they were nutts for taking on the PS2. and look at them now. Sony is falling all over itself and Xbox is set to take over the Gaming industry.

    So too will the Zune. at least that is the conventional wisdom. Microsoft will hang on to Zune and pour all their Billions into this program, ramp up feature, and usability, new models and marketshare.

    One thing Apple has to its benefit is that Apple is not Sony. They will not sit and wait for Microsoft to catch up. they are releasing new products next year with the iphone. New features, like social networking, new hardward with the touchscreen, new partnership with Google. and if all else fails, open up the iPod platform to other vendors.

    Hopefully, Apple will do all of these sooner rather than later. or else they are roadkills by the Microsoft bully giant.

  4. The sales numbers will tell the true tale. And when they come out next spring, mark my words, it will be clear to all that the Zune is a dismal failure. These things flat out aren’t going to sell over the holidays, you can book it.

  5. Sportsunit,
    Does shilling for the Evil Empire pay better than your old job at the DMV?

    If you had links to favorable reviews of MS’s latest failure, you would have posted them. Just pretending that they exist makes you the pathetic one.


  6. Looking Back: Yes, but you are also forgetting that this market wasn’t well established back then. The iPod shaped the portable Digital Music Player market. This market is now well established, and the Zune is trying to get into it as a later player. It has way too many things to overcome to make a seriously run at the iPod hold on that market, and from what all the reviews are saying, it doesn’t even come close to challenging the iPod hegemony. The chances of that happening with Microsoft are pretty slim, no matter how much money they put behind it. Maybe Zune 3.0 or Zune 5.0 will do better, but right now, the Zune has about as much chance stopping the iPod Tsunami as a fruitfly stopping a 747. Microsoft hasn’t figured out that this isn’t like the Mac vs Windows thing of the 90’s. Throwing a half-effort into a rebranded music player with 1/3 of the promised features, no supporting add-on ecosystem, and no ‘cool’ is not going to help you topple a giant. In this game, Microsoft has to *innovate*, and as we’ve seen in the past, they aren’t exactly good at doing that. Remember Microsoft Bob?

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