Vista decision: I’m forced to buy a new PC anyway, so why not get a Mac that can run both OSes?

“After spending time tinkering around on my Mac mini as a part-time hobbyist, I decided to take the plunge (after over a year of saving) and purchased a Mac Pro as my main production computer,” Scott Kurtz writes for PvPonline.

“Toonhound Studios is now bi-platform. The Mac is on my desk and my PC is set up as a temporary safety-net behind me on the drafting table,” Kurtz writes.

Kurtz writes, “I put this decision off for a long time. There were a lot of reasons not to do it. But then Apple moved over to an intel chipset, finally broke down and added a right click to their mice and just the idea of upgrading to Vista makes me cringe. If I upgrade to Vista, I’m going to have to buy a new machine anyway, why not buy one that can run both platforms?”

MacDailyNews Note: Of course, Macs have had “right-click” via various operating systems for many years, even if they didn’t have an Apple-branded multi-button mouse to go along with it. Users would Control-Click or use a third-party USB mouse to accomplish the task before the advent of Apple’s Mighty Mouse.

Kurtz writes, “So to all my Mac-using readers: I look forward to your forthcoming emails of ‘Gooble-gobble, gooble gobble, one of us! One of us!’ I would also like to hear about your favorite Mac apps and favorite Mac sites. Teach me.”

Full article here.

[UPDATE: 1:59pm EST: Changed “Command-Click” to “Control-Click.” Thanks, coolfactor.]

MacDailyNews Take: Welcome, brother Kurtz! One-by-one they come, first as a trickle, then as a stream, until the Vista-induced Tsunami roars ashore.

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  1. I was thinking of going back to school to get an education in the IT field. I am looking at A Bachelor’s degree from ITT Tech called Information Systems Security and also an Associate’s Degree called IT- Computer Network Systems. I didn’t see any macs in their labs. I know that the Mac platform is much safer than Windows.

    Does anyone know if there are similar training programs that would give me some training on a Mac also?

    Is there anyone here in this field that would recommend getting a Bachelor’s degree, or maybe some other type of training, such as certifications instead, or in addition to?

    Thanks for your expert opinions.

  2. H.O.M.O. is an old gag within the PVP world. It really is a wonderful web-comic. Anyone interested should check out Penny-Arcade, they recently made the Mac switch also. One of their rotating guest characters is Chuck, who is the former Mac uber-geek turned ultra cool Mac-guy.

  3. You dont Need a new Computer for Vista. All you need to do is add 128Mb video card or 256Mb video card like Ati Radeon 9550. And put 1Gb ram in the system. It will run fine on old systems but Not older then P4 2.5GHZ cpu. People who are saying you need a new computer. Maybe they dont know how to upgrade (Swap) stuff in Pc. Its easy to upgrade stuff in Pc yourself. But it would be nice to have the latest Intel Core 2 Duo cpu.

    Even the New System comes with 512Mb memory. Its not like it comes with 1Gb ram with all the new systems.

    So people will still have Problems with new Pc with 512Mb ram if they put vista on it. Unless they put least 1Gb ram. Bye

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