Rosetta got faster with Mac OS X 10.4.8 update; jumps of more than 30 percent seen

“Intel-native versions of Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office are still a ways off. But Mac users running these and other programs via Apple’s Rosetta emulation technology on their Intel-based Macs have gotten a significant performance boost from Mac OS X 10.4.8. Macworld Lab tests found improvements in the performance of some non-Intel-native apps on systems running September’s OS X update—with some systems seeing their performance jump by more than 30 percent,” James Galbraith reports for Macworld.

Full article, with benchmarks of Rosetta performance in MAc OS X 10.4.6/7 vs.10.4.8 here.


  1. I’ve only got a couple of programs that use Rosetta (I think), so I just loaded two Safari pages, Mail, iTunes (5.25 GB) iPhoto (3.5 gb), EyeTV, activty Moniter, OmniOutliner Pro, Neo Office, Real useless Player(which I don’t use) and then loaded Quicken 6 and Meteorologist (PPC) on my InteliMac Core Duo 20 with 1.5 GB RAM.

    While looking at my pitifully small bank account and linking to my bank, while watching Cavuto on TV and web pages going, not a fricking blink.

    Two questions I ask myself a lot these days.
    Why did I stay married to a semi-insane woman for twenty years? (ok, I remember two right now, but they all have those)
    and why, God, did I not get a Mac sooner.

    I should have left both of them long ago…

  2. I have two PowerPC-based Macs and 10.4.8 runs FREAKIN’ AWESOME on both of them. It has to be Apple’s best version of OS X to date (beating 10.3.9 as my previous favorite).

    I just hope 10.4.9 is even better.

    Keep it coming Apple!

  3. TowerTone,
    Thank God I didn’t get married to the girl I just ditched. Three years before I saw the light, but I finally did.

    Keep looking. You’ll find an even nicer pair of johnnies out there.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Saw this note on the MacCentral forum RE: the 10.4.8 update:

    I work for an advertising agency and we unfortunately had to revert all of our intel macs to 10.4.7 because of the problems with Illustrator and InDesign. In particular the PathFinder crashes in Illustrator. If you use PathFinder a lot (I would assume most designers), I would suggest sticking to 10.4.7 until the issue is resolved since 10.4.8 make it unusable.

    I’m having the same issue, will move back to 10.4.7 this weekend.

  5. semi-insane woman

    Isn’t that redunant?

    Thank God I didn’t get married to the girl I just ditched. Three years before I saw the light, but I finally did.

    It’s good to escape a nasty future.

    At least you didn’t get trapped. Many have.

  6. Well, typically chaps, johnnie usually refers to a random person, usually a bloke. As in “see that tall johnnie over there?”. This is actually a derivation of Johnson, which means penis, and hence why condoms are called rubber johnnies.

    So your man’s usage of the term johnnie is unfamiliar to this little commonwealth johnnie.

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