Disney patent application shows ESPN video content coming to wireless iPod

“A new Disney patent has just surfaced at the U.S. Patent and Trade Office today titled ‘Graphical user interface for electronic devices,’ which provides us with a powerful clue of what’s to come – and more specifically, what’s coming to a wireless iPod near you,” Neo reports for MacNN.

Neo reports, “In a nutshell, Disney is preparing a new ESPN web-enabled clamshell cell phone that will allow it’s users to wirelessly receive ESPN video and text reports as they become available. Disney’s ‘Patent Claims’ concerning the new UI and wireless system are uniquely divided into two distinct groups: One for a cell phone and one simple noted as a portable communications device.”

Neo reports, “In one of Disney’s patent points it states the following: “For example, systems and methods of the present disclosure may be applied to other mobile electronic devices, such as PDAs, pagers, etc., and to other handheld electronic devices, such as, e.g., the iPod digital music player (available from Apple Computer, Inc.).

“Disney describes that the content that will be made available on their new mobile GUI will correspond to sports-related content provided by Mobile ESPN, such as RealTime scores, sports-related news, commentary, video and statistics, software applications, e.g., for managing fantasy sports teams, and other sports-related content,” Neo reports.

Neo reports, “ESPN live content, sports news and video clips are on their way to Apple’s next generation wireless iPod – sometime in 2007/2008. That’ll be a great way to kick-start content for Apple’s future wireless iPod, that no doubt, will grab get the attention of every sports enthusiast around the globe.”

Full article, with much more, including patent application illustrations, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. What I realized from this post is that Disney’s MVNO will be a great entry point for “the iPod Phone.” Apple will not need to start up it’s own MVNO, even if all the wireless companies refuse to carry the iPod phone, because Steve can obviously strike a deal with Disney. Folks will love the product, Disney will quickly sell millions of the phones, and the other carriers will see the light very quickly. Up to now I hadn’t understood how Apple would introduce the iPod phone into general use, but now I see this as a very workable plan.

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  4. When was the patent filed? Disney used to have an ESPN mobile phone service but got rid of it because they only got around 10% of the expected members to sign up. Read about it here:


    Disney could have just been speculating as to what might occur with future iPods when it filed the patent so they would be ahead of the game. I would love this iPod that everyone keeps speculating about but will believe it when I see it.

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