PC Magazine Editor’s Choice: Apple Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo; best mainstream laptop

“Now that the MacBook Pro 15-inch with Core 2 Duo ($2,499 direct) is here on my workbench, I can confidently say that its excellent performance and features, tied to a very solid operating system, were worth the wait. The new Core 2 Duo-equipped MacBook Pro has earned the Editors’ Choice award in the mainstream laptop arena,” Cisco Cheng reports for PC Magazine.

“Thanks to the MacBook Pro 15-inch’s 2GB of RAM and fast processor, my Photoshop scripts finished in 1 minute 25 seconds in Windows OS. Video editors will get the most out of the new Core 2 Duos, which show improvements of up to 25 percent over the previous Intel Core Duo processors. In the case of the MacBook Pro 15-inch, my video-encoding tests ran their course in 5 minutes 35 seconds, edging out the Alienware m5550 (5:43),” Cheng reports.

“As usual, you don’t have to worry about viruses and spyware with the OS 10 operating system, and you get some of the best bundled software out there with the iLife ’06 suite. The familiar Front Row interface and remote, the magnetic MagSafe power adapter, and your choice of a glossy or matte screen are all still there,” Cheng reports.

Cheng reports, “The Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (Core 2 Duo) offers the performance and features of the best laptops on the market.”

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  1. Ah yes, Alienware. Cheap and cheesy plastic cladding molded in putrid glow-in-the-dark colors. The number one choice of all ten year old boys. And yes ‘ron’, you are correct. All those fat little gaming bastards stuff their Twinkies with doobie. And unfortunately, the USA is doomed.

  2. Alienware used to mean something before it was bought by DuLL. But now that Apple machines are OS independent, why buy anything else? Seriously? That is a real question.

    Window$ users: Get a clue in life. Buy a machine that will last 5-8 years, has a first class OS (that Mi¢ro$oft is trying to copy), runs all of the software you currently use inside Window$, and is able to run Linux. All in one beautiful package.

    Go make Christmas a memorable one. Buy an Apple Macintosh.

  3. Are people really still using the term, PWNED?


    I haven’t seen that since playing that Quake III Arena mod, Urban Terror, in ’01.

    I wish I was 12 again so my dad could buy me a way-too-expensive gaudy-ass Alienware ‘puter. “It will totally match the green neon under my pimpin’ Honda Civic my mom’s going to get me when I turn sweet 16.”

  4. OK so I just configured an Alienware notebook to comparable spec as the 17 inch MBP and the PC was 50 bucks more expensive!

    Sure you can get 1.6 gHz stripped down machine for a grand, but comparing like with like, Apple wins easily and with a higher res screen.

  5. AlienApple:

    The Alinware m5550 has (as a premium option) a Geforce 7600, which is no better than the ATI x1600 in the MacBook Pro. Each beats the other slightly depending which benchmarks you run.

    I was up late last night playing Oblivion on my MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz. I overclocked the x1600 from its default of 423mhz core, 445mhz memory to 500/575 to get a substantial boost to the already strong graphics performance.

    I found that the m5550 costs $2468 with 2.33Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 120GB HD, dvd burner, Geforce 7600, bluetooth. The 2.33Ghz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro with the same specs plus FireWire 400 and 800, plus a backlit keyboard, at less weight and a much slimmer case and more operating system options runs $2299 academically priced from Apple. They don’t check if you’re a student, I bought my MacBook Pro a couple of weeks ago, trust me. If you are super paranoid and/or just really want to pay full retail price, it’s $2499, $31 more than the Alienware.

    The fact is that the aluminum-cased MacBook Pro is more affordable, more expandable and higher performance than the plastic-cased Alienware m5550. In terms of Windows gaming performance, they are basically the same performance at the same price. There are, however, many other things to do on a laptop besides play Windows games…

  6. AlienApple:

    “It’s amazing how easy it is to piss off the Mac fanboi community, lol.


    …since you troll MDN, you are a very important part of the “Mac fanboi community”. Without Windows fanboys like you, who would make us feel so smug?

  7. I am gonna get a MacBook Pro C2D, first laptop on my own dough, and a personal macintosh revival after the PowerMacs of 94.

    Now i just can’t decide 15″ or 17″.


    Anyone who wants to diss a mac, enjoy doing so in front of your beige boxes of a mess. I’m just sorry you can’t appreciate great design, but then, you’ll prove me wrong by coming up with something better and beautiful i’m sure. Mmm.

  8. Wanna know a secret? I can upgrade my CPU, GPU, and HD without having to take my m5550 apart. Now who’s got the longer lasting system?

    Enjoy the brown palmrests, random shutdowns, exploding batteries, scrambled screens, and whatever else Apple dreams up next.

    Just wait, in a year or 2 Apple will release software that forces you to upgrade to the next Mac real soon, they did it with Aperature not too long ago. You guys are so dumb.


  9. Oh and before I go, after almost 4 years of using OS X I just had to also say…

    OS X aint all that, kinda sucky and more bloated with each release. It’s just so bleh..

    OH OH, and the next time you guys have your heads up Steve’s ass would you please ask him to pick a fscking window border color for goodness sake? I mean damn, thought you Mactards were supposed to be all classy and stuff, PICK A UI!

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