Apple to celebrate grand opening of Sugar Land retail store this Saturday

Apple Computer, Inc. will celebrate the Grand Opening of their latest Apple Retail Store this Saturday, November 11. Apple Store First Colony Mall in Sugar Land, Texas (note: don’t mess with Texas) will feature a week of exciting events. In their newest store, Apple will offer a variety of unique and educational presentations, demonstrations and workshops — all free of charge.

As always, the first 1000 people to visit the Apple store receive a free Apple T-shirt.

Visitors can enter the Grand Opening Sweepstakes any time opening weekend to win a suite of Apple products valued at over $2500 or one of ten one-year ProCare memberships valued at $99. The grand prize Apple product prize package includes a black 13-inch 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo MacBook, a one-year membership to ProCare, a silver iPod 4GB iPod nano, an iPod Hi-Fi, a one-year .Mac membership, iWork software, and a MacBook AppleCare Protection Plan. Plus, ten first prize winners will receive a one-year ProCare membership.

Store Address:
Apple Store First Colony Mall
16535 Southwest Freeway, Suite 8
Sugar Land, TX 77479

More info:

Complete list of Apple Retail Stores:


  1. I used to live in Sugarland! (hmm… I always thought it was spelled as one word…) But now I don’t, and wish I did.

    BTW – There’s a really old movie called “Sugarland Express” about a prison escape that highlights the town. The Texas Dept. of Corrections (prison) is there.

    Hmm… do convicts use macs or PC’s?

  2. Sugar Land (it is indeed two words) is a few miles southwest of Houston (maybe 15 or 20 miles, what we would call “just down the road a piece”) and is so named because at one time the city was a “company town” for the Imperial Sugar Company.

    It’s home to several large master-planned communities and has grown explosively over the last 25 years or so. When I was a kid, it was fairly small and had two lane roads going through it, now it’s got almost 75,000 people and 7 lane highways.

    First Colony Mall is pretty nice and we’ll plan on going for the opening.

    This is great, now the area has 3 Apple Stores:

    The Galleria – in Houston
    Woodlands Mall – just north of town in The Woodlands
    First Colony Mall – just southwest of town in Sugar Land

    Hey Steve, if you’re keeping up with the site, how about one at Baybrook Mall (in Clear Lake) surely the area could support a store.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions…


  3. Ben:

    The real “Sugar Land Express” was Ken Hall. He was the greatest high school running back in football history. He played for the Sugar Land Gators back in the 50’s.

    They’re not the Gators anymore, now the only Gator football team in Texas is from Dickinson (halfway between Houston and Galveston on I -45).


  4. Hey Mozfan, you missed the Memorial City store – that’s four in the Houston area.

    I agree, we need one in Clear Lake, Baybrook Mall is the number 2 mall in the Houston Metro area and we need a store out here – it would cover Galveston County, NASA, Friendswood which is growing fast as well! Memorial City is not far from the Galleria Store, so both are 30 minutes + from this part of town.

    MDN Magic Word “using” – I would be heavily using a Baybrook Store!

  5. I live in Texas, and to show you how big it is, I am closer to the Oklahoma City and Memphis Apple Stores than Sugar land. (I thought it was one word, too.) Of course I could always go to one of the four in the Metroplex area…

  6. Sugar Land or Sugarland was named because of all the sugar cane fields…which Imperial Sugar was born. I believe they finally closed down a few years ago. The movie “Sugarland Express” from the 60’s starred Goldie Hawn. Nowdays, most of the Houston pro atheletes live in either Sugarland or the Woodlands. It was home for Hakeem Olajuwon for many many years. It’s grown like crazy, including the home prices. I lived in the area for over 40 years, but recently moved.

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