Apple offers Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard Tech Talks’

Apple is offering live, in-depth presentations, demonstrations and Q&A sessions about Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Leopard Tech Talks are an ideal way to explore the techology behind exciting new features in the next major release of Mac OS X. Perfect for commercial developers, in-house developers, scripters, and web developers, Tech Talks provide essential information to help plan your Leopard development now.

Apple’s Leopard Tech Talks are free for ADC Members: Take advantage of this ADC member benefit and register for a Leopard Tech Talk. If you are not currently an ADC member, sign up for a free ADC Online membership now, and register for a Tech Talk today.

Tech Talks will kick off in North America on December 1, and offer a full day of sessions packed with technological insight and previews into the latest Leopard developments:

Places and Dates:
• San Francisco, CA: December 1
• Portland, OR: December 6
• Seattle, WA: December 8
• Chicago, IL: December 13
• Toronto, ON, Canada: December 15
• Los Angeles, CA: January 19
• Boston, MA: January 22
• New York, NY: January 24
• Atlanta, GA: January 26

More information here.


  1. I’m now an Apple “developer”, but only on the free status (may upgrade to “student” once I get back to school next year), so I don’t get the super-secret decoder ring. As it is, I’d like to do some widget development anyway, so this will be cool.

    Have to wait and find out if I got one of the SF seats…

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