Adobe’s Creative Suite 3.0 to power sales of Intel-based Macs in 2007

“The release of Adobe’s Creative Suite 3.0 professional software package next year will be a catalyst for new sales of Apple Computer’s Intel-based Macintosh computers, according to one Wall Street analyst,” AppleInsider reports.

“PiperJaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster recently spoke with 50 Adobe customers and found that 24 percent expect to buy a new Mac within two quarters of the release of Adobe’s CS3. Due by April of 2007, CS3 will represent the first version of the creative software bundle that is fully optimized for Apple’s Intel-based Macs,” AppleInsider reports.

AppleInsider reports, “According to Munster, Adobe maintains a creative pro customer base of approximately 3 million users. With 10 percent having upgraded to a new Mac within the last 2 quarters, he assumes for analytical purposes that approximately 300,000 (150,000/quarter) Adobe creative pros already own Intel-based Macs.”\

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MacNN also reports on Munster’s note, “Assuming 10 percent have upgraded to a new Mac over the last 2 quarters, we arrive at a figure of 300,000 (150,000 per quarter) Adobe creative pros that have purchased Intel-based Macs,” the analyst wrote. ‘If we assume that our forward estimates are also based on 150,000 per quarter Macs that are sold to Adobe’s creative pro customer base, we would come to a figure of 600,000 Macs sold to Adobe creative pros by the time CS3 ships in April of 2007. This leaves us with 2.4 million Adobe creative pro customers that are yet to move to a new Mac.'”

MacNN reports, “The analyst notes that if 24 percent of these customers upgrade to a new Mac within the first 2 quarters following the release of CS3 — the June and September quarters — industry watchers can expect 288,000 Macs sold to Adobe creative pros in each of those two quarters. ‘That would be 138,000 more Macs per quarter than we had been anticipating, as we had been using an estimate of 150,000 Macs per quarter to Adobe creative pros. 138,000 more Macs sold to Adobe customers per quarter would add 7 percent ($0.04) to our earnings-per-share estimate in both the June and September 2007 quarters.'”

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  1. Apple had better be ready for the onslaught. With the quad core duos coming out ( 8 processors) in the near future, for the Mac Pros, and the amazing speed increases in CS3, not to mention X.5. It’s just gonna be silly. You’re gonna find a lot more than that buying new machines. Photoshop is KING. As a pro myself, why shuld I buy a machine now if my G5 runs photoshop faster than my Intel machine? It’s a waste till Adobe get’s it’s head out of it’s ass.

    When it’s time the flood gates will open and we will all be back ordered ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> Let us also not forget that X.5 will probably have virtuilization built into the OS itself. Even more Windows users will switch. For these people to think they know what is going to sell, I think they just make up numbers and throw a dart!!!!

    The Pi has spoken!

  2. I would sure like to see the questions asked. Does their survey take into account the 150,000 that are already buying WITHOUT CS2 availability? As it stands now, their survey is worthless. It could mean an incremental increase of 138,000, or an incremental increase of 288,000.

    Also when they talk about CS2 useers buying Macs, do they mean Mac Pros, or any Mac. My feeling is that these are predominantly Mac Pro users, in which case the net effect of the increase in computer sales will be much higher than MacBook or low end iMac sales.

    Frankly, I’m surprised the increase is only 24%. Its been a long time since CS2 has been upgraded for any reason. Also, it doesn’t take into account those CS2 users that are currently using Windows, and would switch to Macs with the latest CS2 upgrade.

  3. I played with a Mac Pro running PSCS2 last week at the ABQ Uptown Apple Store opening (I love that the machines are loaded with software!), and I was pleasantly surprised by the performance in Rosetta. I put it through some paces, and noticed it was slightly slower than my Dual 2.5ghz G5 on some things, but actually seemed faster doing others.

    I hope to talk my employer into getting me a Mac Pro when CS3 ships. Fingers crossed.

  4. For my business, I’ll be incrementally upgrading the old towers the designers work on to those new Mac Pros when Adobe’s new software comes out. I’ve already gotten Mac Books for the sales folks. They love them. Lastly, by year’s end, I’ll be going from those old dual G4 tower servers Apple used to sell to the new Xserve. However, I’m keeping my 20″ G5 iMac on my desk. I just love it. All in all, I said all of that to say that even though Apple’s Macs have been selling well, I think they will sell more briskly once the new Adobe software drops. There will be a lot of design stations that will need to be upgraded.

  5. My project manager has promised to upgrade my dual 1Ghz G4 to a Mac Pro in the next month or two. But he says I’ll have to “suffer” with Rosetta emulation until CS3 is released.

    Looks like I’m going to suffer, but I’ll be happy about it!

    /HPPOA reference to obscure?

  6. Until CS3 is out, I’msticking with my 15″ PowerBook, I’ve got CS1 on it and will will buy CS3 and a MacBook Pro when Adobe get their finger out of their ass.

    Just seems funny to me, people are queuing up to buy CS3 and yet Adobe have not really announced anything about progress, features etc. I’d have thought they’d at least have a web page dedicated to it.

    MW: study, Adobe need to study the XCode Manual!

  7. I just installed the new Acrobat Pro 8 on my Mac Pro and it SCREAMS. If the CS3 apps show as much improvement as Acrobat did when if finally went UB I will be ecstatic and Adobe will be forgiven. I can’t say enough about the difference in performance on the Intel machines that the new Acrobat exhibits. I am getting very excited now about native CS Suite apps!

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