Top X requests for Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

“Major new features in the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard like Time Machine are great, but I’ve been thinking about all the other aspects of the Mac OS X experience that could use some spit and polish from Apple’s engineers. They’ve done a fantastic job building a damn impressive OS over the years, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvements both big and small (besides: they have to keep their OS product cycle on a good pace). Following is a list of 10 unlikely requests I have for the next version of Mac OS X that might not be worthy of a Stevenote, but they could bring smiles and sighs of satisfied relief to many a user,” David Chartier writes for TUAW.

Chartier’s top X unlikely requests for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard:
• Removing applications – and all their baggage
• Don’t make me eject an idle drive
• Multi-disc spanning throughout
• Learn some things from the Windows Start button
• Full NTFS friendliness
• Polish your integration
• Make the screenshot process more obvious
• To click-through, or not to?
• Quick tutorial for new(ish) users
• Release the long-rumored ‘Home on iPod’ feature

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  1. These are OUTSTANDING suggestions, and I have one that is just as needed. This is the #1 biggest problem that EVERY SINGLE NEW USER TO THE MAC ENCOUNTERS:


    We’re talking about users who have used webmail for years, and aren’t quite ready to make the leap to Apple Mail yet. So when they go to attach photos to an outgoing email in their webmail program, they get an “open” dialog box, but absolutely no way of browsing their iPhoto Library in an easy-to-use manner!!

    Oh sure, they’ll try to click around in their “Pictures” folder inside the “iPhoto Library” folder, but as you know, that folder makes absolutely no sense to human beings, and is nowhere NEAR the Mac experience that it should be!!

    Even worse, they’ll try to go into the Finder and muck around in the iPhoto Library folder, and before they know it, they’ve corrupted their entire iPhoto Library b/c they started renaming pictures & moving them around & throwing away seemingly-meaningless folders!!

    EVERY SINGLE MACINTOSH USER should be able to **VISUALLY BROWSE** their iPhoto Library right from any open dialog box, just like you can browse your iPhoto Library when you click on the “Media” button inside Pages or Keynote or iWeb or Comic Life. WHY ISN’T THERE A “MEDIA” BUTTON RIGHT WITHIN THE OPEN DIALOG BOXES??

    Some companies like have actually addressed this limitation on Apple’s behalf, by creating plug-ins for Safari that actually LET YOU BROWSE YOUR iPHOTO LIBRARY RIGHT FROM YOUR OPEN DIALOG BOX!!

    But Apple needs to step up to the plate and do this for its users, instead of depending on a few companies here & there to make up for this limitation on Apple’s behalf.

    Not everybody is going to switch to an email client right away that is supported by iPhoto, and be able to use iPhoto to integrate with their email program. 99% of the people I meet on a regular basis use webmail, and they want to easily attach photos to their outgoing webmail.

    And — even if these users DO switch to Apple Mail as their email client, many of them are clicking on the little paperclip “attach” button to try to attach photos — and once again, they end up in the EXACT SAME DILEMMA. They don’t know that they have to switch to iPhoto FIRST and THEN switch into their email application.

    If the Mac is supposed to be so intuitive, why does Apple make this so difficult?? I deal with this problem at least twice a week.

    Nobody at Apple is in the field every single day like I am, getting new users to switch to the Mac, and therefore, nobody at Apple sees what I see in the field. There are MAJOR areas of the Mac operating system that MUST BE MADE more user-friendly for new Mac users. There are parts of the operating system, such as this, that just make absolute NO SENSE at all.


  2. They have learned from the Start Menu, thats why they have never implemented anything similar because its such a hideous piece of UI. The Start menu is a mess. Nothing ever stays static (even the Programs menu changes, and it doesn’t automatically go in alphabetical order) so you’re always hunting for something even when you knew where it was last time. Apple would never implement something as assinine as that.

  3. You guys remember the animated tutorial that came with System 6? That was totally awesome, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it come back.

    I’m not sold on his points about making OS X more winblowsy just to help switcheurs, it seems to me that we should be trying to break them of the habit of always trying the most counter-intuitive option first.

  4. Scott, what you’re saying sounds a bit like “get that interface out of the way and let me straight to the data” in a database program. I get what you’re saying, but isn’t iPhoto itself the “dialog box?” (do you mean Finder window?).

    Sounds a little like old windows thinking to me…

  5. Scott Rose – I’m sure that the picture organization is SOOOOO much better in windows.. You know that you might want to resize the picks for an email before you send so I just look in iPhoto select the pics I want to send and export at a size I want to email into a folder on the desktop. Then I attach to email of choice – I then know that the pics I am sending are the ones I want to send in the first place..

  6. there should be a dialog that comes up and says, “You’re not in windows anymore. You can stop thinking backwards and upsidedown. You are on a Mac now. Relax, things work like they should.”

    Bring back Print Window, as mentioned above.
    Also, I keep sayin’ it. We need to edit font suitcases in the finder.
    Banish the spinning beachball to the netherworld of computing past.
    Make sure I never need a Microsoft app for anything, ever.
    Make plug-ins for major apps so they rock with core image, core video and core animation with no effort from the third party developers (who are lazy and want their cross platform apps to be platform agnostic).

  7. That iPhoto suggestion is right on. I constantly have newbies asking me that. These users wind up digging into the Finder and then cause havoc in the iPhoto Library folder by moving things around and then wonder why iPhoto starts crashing. Gotta keep the newbies out of the Finder.

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