Microsoft Zune to be US-only, no firm plans to launch anywhere else globally

Andy McCue ( spoke with Microsoft’s UK Media Director Gordon Frazer about Microsoft’s Zune, among other things. About Zune, Frazer explained:

At this stage we have no firm plans to launch anywhere else globally. Does this mean we’ll launch in the UK? I can’t tell you when [it will launch] for sure and I can’t even necessarily tell you if. We’re going to see how this goes in the US and what lessons we learn and see if we get that right, and then make the right decision for the UK. But right now that decision hasn’t been made, so the launch will only be in the US.

Today certainly Apple is the market leader, I don’t think anybody is questioning that and they are out ahead in a lot of ways. They deserve the credit they get, they’ve built up a large installed base, they continue to be the market leader. But we think there are things that can be done better. One of the big trends, broadly, not just in music, is around social networking and the ability for people to exchange and share information, ideas, music and experiences. It’s a new business for us and we’re enthusiastic about it. We’ll see where it goes.

Full article here.
This is the first semi-intelligent thing we’ve seen from Microsoft regarding their brown squirter: they make it easier on themselves financially and logistically to cut and run (à la PlaysForSure) once they figure out that Zune’s a failure, too.

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  1. Quote: “If MDN would quit giving Microsoft free advertising for the Zune, it won’t even make a dent on the internet, much less retail sales.”

    Rabid Dog, I think any Zune news here reaches a dead end. Though admittedly I’m curious to SEE the brown brick in person, I highly doubt that I, nor any other MDN reader (who isn’t a M$ planted Troll here) is going to run out and buy a Zune.

  2. Only a huge sloth company that has run a myriad of focus groups, would actually coin the phrase in their marketing material “social networking.”

    Yes, it is clear they think they can market this ability with Zune’s wireless capability, as it is the only thing the Zune has that is different to the other obese Zune, aka the Gigabeat…

    What is so bizzare, is how MicroSoft’s ad agency can’t seem to figure out how to message the social networking thing within their marketing pieces, so they decided to just say it directly.

    That is a advertising 101 no-no, but they did it anyways.

    This type of campaigning will continue to deliver M$ fewer and fewer returns on investment. It’s post TV kids, wake up!

  3. Last night I wastched CNET’s “First Look” at the Zune. The reviewer rarely mentioned the competition, rather uncritically reviewed its “features”, and I had to wonder… Is he looking at what I’m seeing? Watching it in action, rather than in a glossy still, was an eye opener. To me it looks cheap, cheesy, totally lacking in refinement – like the half-baked prototype it is. The fact that the reviewer indicated he *likes* the brown may tell you something. I expect Microsoft to promote the hell out of it through such gullible, sympathetic, journalists.

  4. In other countries, the dog pooper scoop law is different than over here in the states. I guess Microstuff wants to sniff the market here first to see how the territories reacts before they dump it overseas. In NYC, the pooper scoop law is very strict(they fine you with $$$), as in Paris it is very loose restriction.

  5. “…I can’t even necessarily tell you if.”

    That’s some marketing.
    Can you feel the passion that Microsoft employees have for their products?
    It seems so very exciting!

    “Maybe we’ll launch some products, be we have to see if anyone wants them, because, well, none of us really do, so we’re not sure how many people we can trick into buying them. If it’s not a lot, we might just bag the whole thing.”

    I love all the esoteric feel-good BS about sharing ‘ideas’. Pu-leeeeze.
    MS has never been concerned with such things.
    It’s all about…
    Show Me The Revenue Stream.

    I haven’t seen it yet.
    Neither will they ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />


    MW: ‘become’ (squirts from bees)

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