CNET: Apple MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo ‘provides great overall computing experience, at a premium price’

“The MacBook Pro was introduced earlier this year with Intel’s Core Duo processor, and now Apple’s high-end laptop gets a boost to Intel’s latest-and-greatest processor, the Core 2 Duo. Other than the updated CPU, the rest of the MacBook Pro remains largely the same, with appreciated bumps to the memory and the hard drive,” Dan Ackerman writes for CNET Reviews.

“There are two 15-inch versions that use either a 2.16GHz or a 2.33GHz CPU, as well as a 17-inch version with the 2.33GHz chip. Apple supplied us with the 2.33GHz 15-inch model, which has a base price of $2,499. Our review unit features memory and hard drive upgrades, which bring the price to $3,174. While the performance gains aren’t game-changing, anyone who recently purchased a Core Duo MacBook Pro is doubtlessly gnashing their teeth right now, but this move to Core 2 Duo removes one of the last objections some buyers felt about plunking down for a Mac laptop,” Ackerman writes.

Ackerman writes, “Apple’s minimalist school of design is well represented in the MacBook Pro. Opening the lid, you’ll find only a power button, a full-size keyboard, stereo speakers, a sizable touch pad with a single mouse button, and a built-in iSight camera that sits above the display. We’re still big fans of the keyboard’s backlighting feature and the two-finger touch pad scroll (run two fingers down the touch pad and it scrolls like a mouse wheel).”

“If you’ve been holding off on making the leap to a MacBook because of the lack of Core 2 Duo processors, this new update adds the latest Intel CPUs and provides a great overall computing experience, albeit at a premium price,” Ackerman writes.

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Premium price” compared to what exactly, a cut-rate PC laptop or a comparably-equipped PC laptop that can’t run Mac OS X? If the former, CNET’s point is meaningless, if the latter, please tell us which PC laptop can match or beat Apple’s MacBook Pro pricing.

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  1. Jesus! Did they upgrade EVERYTHING. The 2499 model STOCK version comes perfectly equiped. 256mb Video card and 2gb ram, i can only assume they put the 200gb HDD (which isnt recommended) and 4gb of ram which is OVERKILL. my 1gb of ram in my Core Duo 15″ is more than enough to edit 1080p DVCPRO HD from my HVX200.

  2. Did they just happen to MISS the FireWire 800? The increased L2 Ram? The dual layer burner? I can’t believe how biased this article is…I mean, honestly, where the hell do they get off maxing out the price like that and saying that there were only modest increases in speed, but other than that the machine is basically the same? I mean the top of the line is even cheaper than it was when the MBP’s first came out, but with more speed, more ram, more hardware, more everything…it’s actually a pretty good upgrade!

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