Analyst: Apple won’t sell TVs alongside ‘iTV’ set-top box

“While Apple Computer is expected incorporate some additional flat screen displays into it’s retail store layouts in order to promote its iTV set-top media box beginning early next year, the company is not developing a line of its own TVs to coincide with the product, according to one Wall Street analyst,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “In a report released on Thursday, PiperJaffray analyst Gene Munster said the Cupertino, Calif.-based Mac maker plans to leverage its retail stores as ‘launch pads’ for the new iTV, using a few LCD TVs to demonstrate the features of the device. However, the analyst told clients he does not believe Apple will ‘sell 3rd party televisions, nor will the company develop Apple-branded TVs to sell in the retail stores.'”

Full article here.

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  1. Many believed iTV would be built into an Apple delivered HDTV, but here is why it is not in Apple’s best interest to do so:

    1. Consumers perfer monitors sold separately, and not incorporating other hardware. TV producers are trying to move the customer down this path in order to get them to upgrade their sets more. It is a niche market at best if Apple moved this way.

    2. Embedded iTV in HDTV’s would cause issues for Apple and the consumer. Apple’s goal is to rev. the iTV device every 18 months or so and get you to buy a new one. If it is built into a TV, that buyer is not likely to go and purchase another iTV device when they have one built-into their TV, nor are they likely to go buy a new TV with the latest iTV device in it all over again.

    3. The TV is a commodity for the most part. All Apple could do is put pig lipstick on that product. This is something Apple does not do.

  2. “The it’s/its scandal pales in comparison to ‘persay.'”

    Or how about “take another TACT”? Or “HONE in”?

    I’d like to “HOME in” on some ignorant talking heads on TV and force them to “take another TACK”.

  3. The partnership with Circuit City and Best Buy makes perfect sense for Apple’s iTV. Selling computers, iTV, and televisions is a win-win scenario. (Besides, I’d don’t believe in the no-win scenario.)


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