Analyst: Apple won’t sell TVs alongside ‘iTV’ set-top box

“While Apple Computer is expected incorporate some additional flat screen displays into it’s retail store layouts in order to promote its iTV set-top media box beginning early next year, the company is not developing a line of its own TVs to coincide with the product, according to one Wall Street analyst,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “In a report released on Thursday, PiperJaffray analyst Gene Munster said the Cupertino, Calif.-based Mac maker plans to leverage its retail stores as ‘launch pads’ for the new iTV, using a few LCD TVs to demonstrate the features of the device. However, the analyst told clients he does not believe Apple will ‘sell 3rd party televisions, nor will the company develop Apple-branded TVs to sell in the retail stores.'”

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  1. Apple needs to add secondary inputs to it’s existing Displays so they can be more flexible. Kind of sux that one can only use that that 24 or 30″ lcd ONLY for a computer wen , in a bedroom it would make a great 2nd tv when the computer is not on. Dells have them (i just don’t want to give my money to a crack (windoze) dealer).

  2. It’s a pity they won’t go into the TV business. At this moment, I’m sitting working on Apple’s 30″ display thinking that with just a few bits and pieces added to the workings and an adjustment to the matrix, this monitor would make a great looking tv in my living room.

  3. Why would Apple sell TV?

    Now, they would sell 50″ TVs if they can integrate the iTV into the flat-panel TV itself.

    They will also sell a TV with camera built in-between the pixels so that you can look at a person in the eye and do video ichat. So, families can sit in their family rooms and chat with each other.

    Apple is a hardware company. If the above happens, they will get a reasonalbe market-share of flat-panel displays.

  4. dirty french dude.

    the 30 inch has a double DVI input. You’re honestly not going to get the best picture with that 30 inch display.. and you’ll be paying way too much for it.

    there are a ton of 30″ 1080P soultions out there that don’t require the preimum you are paying and getting for the Apple 30″ just to watch TV in a living room.


    get a MacPro to hook into it, then use all various forms of DVR cards, adaptors, etc.

  5. Dave,

    It wouldn’t be a second one as the one I’m using now is at work so a home one would count as an ordinary tv purchase.

    the other steve jobs,
    I take your point on pricing but as regards picture quality, it can’t be any worse than the supposedly superior quality I’ve seen in stores demonstrating Panasonic’s Viera or Sony’s Bravia (which to me look worse than a good quality CRT although LG do a pretty decent LF LCD).

    As for hooking a MacPro into it with cards etc, that’s not a simple all in one solution that an Apple branded tv would be.

  6. Don’t believe this pundits opinion for a minute. Apple always has a series of punches. In this case, the first punch is the iTV box itself. Clearly the second or third punch includes designing and selling some form of a flat panel with the iTV box built-in. It’s just how they have historically done things. Look to the past to predict the future.

  7. That’s IT. That’s ENOUGH.

    For the record, and once again, “it’s” = “it is”! This common contraction is NOT the possessive pronoun “its”! This is not rocket science, ladies, gents, and Katie Marsal from AppleInsider; we CAN master the concept!

    (I’ve trained myself over the past decade or so to ignore the linguistic incompetence of most contemporary writers, but when a dozen of the “its/it’s” confusions appear on a single page, the pot boils over. Sorry.)

  8. Although I’m an Apple fan and have no doubt iTV will be a successful springboard into the living room, I just don’t see that there is an upside to Apple developing their own TV. There are plenty of TVs out there and I don’t see the public crying out for another TV because the existing ones don’t meet their needs. An iPhone, yes, many people see the point of that, want a better phone, iTunes integration, and a great UI to integrate it all. A TV, no. It would be a non-starter.

    The iTV component solution is the right way to enter the market and integrating iTV into a monitor doesn’t really offer much value other than eliminating one of many components. People are used to the components and they’ll have others for their TV/Stereo anyway, so there’s not a great advantage integrating iTV.

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