NY Times: Apple iPod also-rans run race for second place [UPDATED]

“Iman Hayward is an 18-year-old college student and self-confessed contrarian. She likes to mix Cyberdog T-shirts with platform boots. She prefers vintage horror movies to modern remakes. And she does not like the Apple iPod,” Roy Furchgott reports for The New York Times.

“‘I was kind of anti-iPod because everybody had it,’ said Ms. Hayward, who lives in the Bronx,” Furchgott reports. “That is not to say she dislikes portable music players. In fact, on Nov. 14 she will wait in line, if needed, to be among the first to own Microsoft’s iPod alternative, the Zune — in the fudge-brown case, no less. ‘I’m going to be waving it in front of my friends’ faces,’ she said. ‘They all have iPods.'”

Furchgott reports, “The people at Microsoft are hoping that people like Ms. Hayward will give them reason to gloat this holiday season, too. They are not the only ones. Other makers of portable media players have also introduced new products, hoping to grab a big piece of the market that the iPod dominates. ‘It’s no secret that a lot of people are trying to come up with products to drag people’s attention away from iPod,’ said Rick Souder, executive vice president for merchandising for Crutchfield, the electronics catalog and retail company. “I’m not sure they are going to do it, at least not this season. ‘The race is for second place.'”

Full article here.
It’s fine to be a contrarian unless you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Note the similarities to this October 5, 2006 article — which prompted a very similar “MacDailyNews Take” to today’s — also from The New York Times, by Wilson Rothman:

“When Max Roosevelt wanted to rebel, he got a Dell laptop and a SanDisk Sansa MP3 player. It was not a rebellion against his parents, who had been buying Dells for years. It was a rebellion against his peers, Mac-toting iPod addicts one and all…

“’I just didn’t want to have the same MP3 player as everybody else, and felt that there had to be equivalent or better players out there,’ Mr. Roosevelt, an 18-year-old native of Chappaqua, N.Y., said recently from his freshman dorm room at the University of Maryland. ‘It’s not that I don’t like it; I just don’t like the whole cult mentality towards Apple. I don’t like how everyone gravitates toward it immediately.’

“Determined to steer clear of Apple, he bought his six-gigabyte Sansa last June. ‘It may look a great deal like an iPod Nano, but it isn’t one,’ he said, ‘which is all that I really cared about.'”

[UPDATED 2:10pm EST: Added to “Take” regarding similarities to previous NY Times piece.”

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  1. very immature if you ask me.

    “I’m going to do the opposite of what other people I know do just to prove to everyone that I’m original and different!! That’ll learn ’em!”

    and yet…. she’s buying a digital music player (like everyone else) and getting a Zune just to be contrary. product aside, that has to be the single most idiotic reason for doing anything that i’ve ever heard! not because it’s cheaper, not because it’s better, not because it’s what you desire but because it’s not what they have… and i can annoy them with it!

    she’s gonna look a little stupid if it’s crappy, doesnt work well and cant consistantly and easily load music, movies, etc. then she’ll have a shit coloured paperweight. if you wanna really be counterculture, get a portable cd player.
    better yet, just carry a victrola on your shoulder.

  2. Seems Ms. Hayward’s real problem is that she lives in fear of her identity being subsumed by her environment. I don’t make purchases based on “what everyone else has” either; if it is a good product and I want it, I couldn’t care less if everyone else is walking around with one or not. Sadly, Ms. Hayward seems afraid of losing her identity to her surrounding, thus she is indeed cutting off her nose to spite her face, which is a poor way to make any decision in life.

    Here’s hoping that college is good to Ms. Hayward and she finds a secure identity…and a bit of common sense.

  3. Iman, you are a brainwashed fool that is succumbing to the assholes in Redmond. They want you to believe that the Zune is a superior player. It’s a piece of excrement, and it won’t even make a dent in iPod sales. And guess what? When you start waving it in front of all of your friends, Apple will be introducing a video full-screen iPod that will render the zooone obsolete shortly after it hits the market.

    Zune=elephant excrement (hence the brown color)

  4. From the article :
    “I really like the size, and it has excellent battery life,” Mr. Taylor said. “I can charge it up, leave it on the shelf for a month, and it’s ready to go.” By contrast, he said, the iPods have to be topped off with even a day or two between uses. “I have two of the newer ones, and the battery life is even worse.”

    Strangely the iPod gets which gets used everyday is chastised for it’s frequent need of recharging, while the Dell DJ is praised for sitting on the shelf for a month holding it’s charge.

  5. I find it amusing that most of these “contrarions” don’t like Mac people because they are “elitists”, yet they buy a Zune just so they can stand apart and “wave it in front of their faces”. I can’t imagine a more pompous, elitist statement than that. The funny part of the whole thing is anyone with an iPod just won’t give a crap, because the Zune is a bad joke.

  6. I know a *lot* of teenagers, and I’m sure almost none of them know what a Zune is. AND they all either have iPods or want one.
    Come on… BROWN. That’s just idiotic. iPod colors are better, but if MS really wanted to differentiate and appeal to kids, they’d cover them in colorful plastic beads, wrap them in chains and leather, or offer a ‘hatchetman’ model.
    MS has NO CLUE what youth culture is about or what kids are into. Not a single clue at all. >.<


    MW: ‘medical’ (attention, stat! This Zune is flat-lining!)

  7. Is everyone missing the funniest part of this?

    “In fact, on Nov. 14 she will wait in line, if needed, to be among the first to own Microsoft’s iPod alternative, the Zune — in the fudge-brown case, no less.”

    …wait in line, if needed?

    Yeah Right!

  8. Let’s face it this article is a puff piece about an 18 year old! So she wants a zune. Im sure she has and will make a bunch of crappy decisions in the name of individuality or contraianism. It’s all so immature but it is a part of growing up. I say move along people let m$ make a big deal about how they appeal to the contrarianists. That just sounds funny. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

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