More blood on Apple iTunes Store’s play button: Japan’s Oricon bows out

“Oricon on Wednesday announced its exit from Japan’s PC music download market, becoming the first victim among local players to the surging popularity of Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes music store,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, “Oricon, best known as a publisher of music hit charts, will instead post links from its Web site to online music stores and concentrate on music downloads for mobile phones, which are far more popular than PC-based downloads in Japan.”

“‘The iPod has outrun us all,” said Oricon spokesman Teruaki Hidaka. ‘If iPod users could download music from our site, we may have waited to see if the tide turns from mobile phones to online downloads,'” Reuters reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Escaport” for the heads up.]

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  1. What is with the stupid title. More blood? It makes it sound deliberate and evil. How about…The well thought out, functional, iTunes store again proves that people like intelligent design…

    OMG did I just use the term ‘intelligent design’??? But I am not an atheist…..

  2. Just got my 2G shuffle ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> . This little puppy is sweet. Shame it comes with the old headphones tho. For anyone ordering with engraving it does not seem to have taken any longer to arrive than normal.

    Tim Coughlin

  3. I think the “blood” comes from the past articles about the iTunes store / iPod causing other companies to quit out of the music player / music store business. Dell… for one, some of Sony’s stuff and so on…

  4. Not being an atheist doesn’t have that much to do with “Intelligent Design”. Being an idiot has much more to do with it.

    I swear the world is only 6000 years old. Of course I have no proof other than a book that was written 2000 years ago and was cobbled together in the middle ages buy corrupt catholic priest who wanted to control the masses, but I diverge. WHAT?, you have fossil records? Huh? Carbon 14 what? That is all voodoo lies I tell you! Believe in my paper proof. Faith guys. All it takes. [/sarcasm]

    MDN magic word: every. Every day a new sucker is born.

  5. Sorry. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> I am a little wired on too much candy.

    As to my “beliefs”, they are getting trampled in my childs science class. Its a crime to call “Intelligent Design” science as it is being offer up as. It has absolutly no basis in science or scientific method. “Intelligent Design” is just an end run around keeping religion out of the class room. I don’t really care if someone believes in it (own fault), just don’t force the idea on my child without proof to back it up in a public classroom.

  6. Now, if their music downloaded for mobile phones could be transferred to up to five other mobile phones or transferred DRM free to CDs via a PC/Mac then they would have a business model to equal or rival the iTMS.

    You can’t compete when you offer less. How can the customers see what these guys cannot?

  7. Mindful – don’t be so sure that random evolutionary mutation is so well-grounded in science, either. The prerequisite for any scientific study is an open mind. Regardless of your feelings about religion, would you want your kids to learn theories in school that aren’t true? It takes faith either way, my man…

    “Question is: Can you tell me anything you know about evolution, any one thing, any one thing that is true? I tried that question on the geology staff at the Field Museum of Natural History and the only answer I got was silence. I tried it on the members of the Evolutionary Morphology Seminar in the University of Chicago, a very prestigious body of evolutionists, and all I got there was silence for a long time and eventually one person said, ‘I do know one thing – it ought not to be taught in high school.'”
    -Dr. Colin Patterson (Senior Paleontologist, British Museum of Natural History, leading cladistic taxonomist), Keynote address at the American Museum of Natural History, New York City, November 5, 1981.

  8. Mindful…

    I don’t even have children and I think the whole regression to the Evolution vs. Creationism/ID debate is an affront to logic, reason and scientific progress. As I said in another place recently, Science is more than capable of tearing down it’s own theories as it discovers new theories which more accurately support the evidence on offer; by contrast, religious faith cannot provide evidence to support its “theories” and often argues that proof is a denial of faith.

    Combine all of this nonsense with…

    • the wholly irrational argument on embryonic stem cell research (where apparently it’s better to destroy an embryo by incineration than use the cellular material to further research on various serious diseases and conditions).

    • the politicisation of federally-funded science

    • the ongoing denial of serious environmental change

    and you can see that the United States is slipping into a scientific Dark Age where facts, logic and an ambition for discovery has been replaced by superstition, irrationality and religious hokum.

  9. The Scientific Method is unequivocal. An observation is explained, tested through experimentation, and subject to change once a better hypothesis evolves.

    Facts are temporal. Right now, at 1012 millibars of atmospheric pressure, uncontaminated water vaporizes at 212 degrees fahrenheit.

    That is a fact.

    God exists is not.

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