New Apple Authorized Reseller opens Beijing’s biggest Mac and iPod store

“The Kewei Digital Store, an Apple Authorized Reseller, opened its doors at its new Jianwai SOHO store in eastern central Beijing today (October 31, 2006). This is Beijing’s biggest Mac and iPod store to date,” BeiMacWeb International, the official website of the Beijing Macintosh User Group, reports.

“The new store is split into two different floors, with the store mainly on the first (ground) floor. The upper floor is split between a support center and a classroom, which can also be used for user groups,” BeiMac reports.

BeiMac covered the entire event from start to finish, with many photos, and witnessed the historic moment in Beijing Macintosh history:
• Prior to the Opening
• New iPod nano Ads
• Opening Ceremony
• Ground Floor
• Upper Floor
• It’s a Sale!
• Miscellaneous

Full article here.


  1. Well, there was a Computerland in Beijing in 1986, that was an authorized Apple reseller. It closed in 1987, by the time I moved there. I was all alone with my Mac SE and Chinese 7.1 OS, but at least the SE had a universal power supply!

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