iTunes Store becomes gripe central for iPod discontents

“Want to buy a video or game for your iPod from the iTunes Store? Apple’s the only distributor, but if you visit its popular online shop these days, one of the first things you’ll see is the equivalent of picket lines: numerous complaints from users regarding software compatibility and Store business practices, stacking up as negative ratings for various downloadable items. On other downloads, you’ll see ad hoc debate societies, with comments on the new iTunes offerings attracting more user attention than the downloads themselves,” Jeremy Horwitz writes for iLounge.

Horwitz writes, “Amongst the video gripes: numerous comments in the Store’s South Park Season 10 section angrily note that after paying in advance for the latest season of the popular Comedy Central cartoon, users then discovered that the Store had split the episodes into ‘Season 10A’ and ‘Season 10B,’ forcing subscribers to pay more to receive the second half of the season… Video quality also continues to be an issue for some users, despite recent Apple promises of near-DVD quality iTunes Store downloads.”

Horwitz asks, “Have you had issues with game, TV show, or movie downloads from the iTunes Store? Or found them to be fantastic?”

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  1. I love apple but we do need to speek truth to power…

    Um, you’re talking about complaints about buying media through a web portal not overcoming the censorship and repression of a discriminatory regime. Apple has no power over you except that which you accede to them.

  2. “Of course quality is bad, these are TV episodes, made for the lousy resolution of TV Screens! A 13” MacBook display has twice the resolution of a big screen TV…

    Actually, most standard definition and high definition TV content is recorded in a widescreen film format, with pan and crop versions created for broadcast as needed, although some old variety and news programs were recorded using standard defibition video cameras.

    This means that much original TV content is the same resolution as theatrical movie releases, and of very high quality. Even old TV series can (and are) being converted to high definition. Recently, I came across an old episode of the Night Rider TV series converted to high def on the Universal HD channel and it looked spectacular.

    So, the download movie and TV series content Apple currently is offering really are down-sampled files made just for the new widescreen iPod that is coming soon…

  3. Apple REALLY does need a customer service page for ITS. I too have had questions and problems (no major complaints), and searched and searched for a place to communicate with someone at Apple. It doesn’t exist, or is so well hidden that it might as well be.

  4. I download from the iTunes Music store a lot, music and video. No hassles. I’ve also contacted customer support with authorization problems when I sold a computer. I received an email solution one day after I emailed them with the issue, and it was on a weekend.

    Customer service is fine, product is what I expect, no hassles so far.

  5. Every online transaction will have it’s issues, and thus cry babies, and with the internet, these people for better or worse, have a loud voice.

    The main issue with iTunes is image quality. For an occational download of an Office episode I missed, fine.

    But for movies, or a full season of a show or sports event – nope.

    Once Apple hits 720p, the compaints will go away, as 720p is 95% of all HDTV content resolution with HDTV packages, and most find it to be stunning. Once more bandwidth and processor abilities are worked out, 1080p will blow this away.

    Bottom line: Apple gets to HD (720p) at MWSF, and it will start screaming out movie and content sales, and blowing out iTV devices.

  6. I downloaded a movie. While it wasn’t quite DVD quality, it was plenty good enough to watch on my computer. On a TV it might be nice to get better quality, but that’s what you get by saving the few bucks to download it instead of buying the actual DVD. Some people won’t be happy until we get DRM free, 1080p DVD’s and then they mail us a copy on a blu-ray, HD-DVD, and DVD disc’s, all for free + postage.

  7. And if you don’t like what you buy, simple, don’t buy it again. You know going in what you are paying for, quality wise. The south park issue is different, but don’t complain about the quality of video. Just simply don’t buy it from the iTunes store again or until they upgrade it. Go by the physical DVD’s. And then use HandBrake to put it on your ipod and computer.

  8. “…Apple REALLY does need a customer service page for ITS. I too have had questions and problems (no major complaints), and searched and searched for a place to communicate with someone at Apple. It doesn’t exist, or is so well hidden that it might as well be….”

    Under the iTunes menu, see the menu command:

    “Provide iTunes Feedback”

    You must have missed it…

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