Best of both worlds: only Apple Mac can run both Mac OS X and Windows

“On my tight budget, a low-end consumer computer is all I can afford,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata reports for The St. Paul Pioneer Press. “I can dream, though. What would I get, with a few more bucks to throw around?”

Ojeda-Zapata reports, “The obvious choice here is a high-end PC from Dell or HP. But I have an unorthodox recommendation: a Macintosh computer.”

“Macs used to be pricey but anemic compared with their PC brethren, in large part because of underpowered PowerPC processors. That is no longer the case. Today’s Macs use PC-style Intel processors, which give them comparable performance and let them run PCs’ Windows operating system along with Apple Computer’s own Mac OS X. Mac prices are roughly comparable to PC prices, too,” Ojeda-Zapata reports.

“I test-drove Apple’s two top desktop machines: the Mac Pro tower and the 24-inch iMac. I found both computers to be tempting options for PC and Mac veterans alike,” Ojeda-Zapata reports. “In testing the Macs, I chewed through high-end video- and photo-editing tasks with astonishing speed — faster on the Mac Pro, obviously, but plenty quickly on the iMac… If PCs and Macs provide comparable processing power, a computer purchase might be made largely on aesthetic grounds. Macs are hard to beat in this category. They’re gorgeous. Nothing on the PC side compares… Both Macs run multiple displays [and] the Mac Pro, astonishingly, runs as many as eight 30-inch displays when properly configured with multiple video cards and their DVI ports.”

“The Macs’ Intel processors mean they can run Windows XP. I used my Mac loaners to test Windows-friendly software and hardware and could hardly tell I wasn’t on a standard PC,” Ojeda-Zapata reports. “On the other hand, a PC won’t let you use Mac OS X. So if you’re a potential switcher who finds Macs enticing but still needs to use Windows, a Mac gives you the best of both worlds.”

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  1. haha intel has only just matched the G5 for performance, thats over a year late, shame these people couldnt see that, but even if they could i supose it still looks better for apple to have headlines stating apples macs are now faster with intel instead of macs are now as slow as pcs

  2. “May have been the losing side . . . still not convinced it was the wrong one.”

    – Malcolm Reynolds

    It wasn’t.

    Mac users are convincing others to try a Mac. Now we have growing market share.

    We are doing the impossible.

    ” . . . And that makes us mighty.”

  3. The problem is that PC fanboys and boosters tend to compare 2-year old PowerPC processors to the latest Intel chips, and then come to conclusion that PowerPC is underpowered. The PowerPC chips, especially the G5, were top-of-the-line processors when the first debuted.

    Unfortunately, the problem was Motorola, then IBM pretty much did nothing with the PowerPC after the glitzy introductions. Chip development stalled, which made it seem like PowerPC was getting slower and slower over time when it simply let its lead evaporate and then didn’t advance as fast.

  4. Julio Ojeda-Zapata must make a tidy living at the St. Paul Pioneer Press if “a low-end consumer computer is all {he} can afford.” With brilliant and insightful articles like this one it’s no wonder.


    MW: ‘why’ (not get a ‘PC-style’ Intel processor?)

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