Apple MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo dissection photos

iFixit has posted the first internal photos of Apple’s Core 2 Duo ‘Merom’ MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro disassembly is available at:

The disassembly features high resolution images of the redesigned logic board and Intel’s new Merom chip. Also included is the first photos of Apple’s 802.11n draft board for the MacBook, and Apple’s new 6x dual-layer 9.7mm SuperDrive.

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  1. Those MacBook Pros are becoming a better and better value every day compared with the MacBooks… so I am for the first time looking at purchasing a MBP instead of a MB to replace my iBook. But I have a question for those of you who own MacBook Pros:

    How does the finish hold up on these? Is it easily dented or scratched, and if it is scratched, those scratches are impossible to remove, right?


    How much do you find the aluminum decreases your AirPort range? I’ve heard the metal notebooks get significantly weaker signals than the (plastic) MacBooks.


  2. Yeah really…I mean he said dell. That should be the tipoff that he’s a tool or troll (halloween?)

    @ Neovoyager: I have a 3yr old PB G4 that has some wear marks from my almost constant use. I have used it for school, and gaming etc and it has held up very well to my abuse. When I say constant, I mean around 8-10 hrs per day in humid Florida. I would venture to say that the finish a Macbook Pro will stand up to more abuse than a Macbook. As for the Airport range, I haven’t had any issues with mine. My Wifi works great up to about 150 ft, but distance is more limited based on building construction/obstruction.

    Dell dude, go defrag something or go play with your AV software.

  3. Well, Mac7 and ?what?, your posts reassured me a lot about the finish on the MBPs. I am probably going to get one of those when Photoshop CS3 is released.

    What is with the magnetic latch though? When are the MBPs getting those?!!? Aren’t the cool features supposed to be introduced in the Pro models and trickle through to the consumer ones?

    One drawback still, and that is the size. It’s kinda a catch-22 because I love the screen space and resolution for Photoshop and multitasking, but moving to 15.4″ from my 12″ iBook is not going to be a fun adjustment for portability methinks.

  4. Mac7 wrote, “I have my G4 Powerbook 1.5MHz for 4 years, 8 hours a day, travel around the world and no scratches…. ziltch!”

    The G4 Powerbook 1.5MHz computer was released in April 2004. At best, you’ve had it for 2 1/2 years.

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