Apple redesigns, hides iSight indicator on MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo models

One thing that we noticed upon opening our MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo lids earlier this year: The little round black iSight indicator (which lights green when the camera is in operation) subtly threw off the visual balance of the top bezel:

The new MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo models have done away with that visual imbalance by placing the indicator light under the bezel finish: it only glows green when the iSight is active, otherwise, it’s not visible:

This is yet another example of Apple’s attention to detail that you’d never see from any other PC box assembler. As Apple states prominently on their MacBook Pro “design” page: No detail is too minor.

See more photos of Apple’s new MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo here.

MacDailyNews Reader “raddoc” tells us that an Engadget reader noticed the same thing here.


  1. Peterson– I have a MacBook and MacBook Pro. No random shutdowns. No permissions issues. No heat. No burning batteries. Nothing. So based on that statistical sample of n=2, apparently the MacBooks are perfect.

    However, my story is probably the majority story, since the people who are satisfied rarely bitch.

    MDN Magic Word–Prozac, the wonderful pill for stressed out Petersons.

  2. Peterson:

    Compared to my XP machine, and my daughter’s brand new school-leased ThinkPad, even my 1st gen G4 mac mini “JUST WORKS” much better then those two.

    If you want to accuse someone of lying, you should look to Bill Gates. All my literature for Windows OS software boasts of being “stable” and “secure”. Surely you can admit that is a lie.

  3. Another item of attention-to-detail is the iPod icon on the desktop, when it is plugged in to the Mac. The color of the iPod nano icon matches the color of the connected iPod nano. When I was playing with the 24-inch iMac at the Apple Store, I was as impressed by that little bit of detail as I was with the huge screen iMac.

  4. “It appears most of the posters around here just use their machines for fun, love the look and feel, and care very little about performance.”

    Have been working Mac 10 hours a day for 15 years. No problems here.

    All the Adobe / MS etc apps and more…

    There are just dumb people who don’t know how to run computers.

  5. “it’s still imbalanced if the light is on. not so clever after all”
    did you even think about it? I don’t think so. don’t complain. design is not easy process. just blame for it is very easy.

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