Apple redesigns, hides iSight indicator on MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo models

One thing that we noticed upon opening our MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo lids earlier this year: The little round black iSight indicator (which lights green when the camera is in operation) subtly threw off the visual balance of the top bezel:

The new MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo models have done away with that visual imbalance by placing the indicator light under the bezel finish: it only glows green when the iSight is active, otherwise, it’s not visible:

This is yet another example of Apple’s attention to detail that you’d never see from any other PC box assembler. As Apple states prominently on their MacBook Pro “design” page: No detail is too minor.

See more photos of Apple’s new MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo here.

MacDailyNews Reader “raddoc” tells us that an Engadget reader noticed the same thing here.


  1. Peterson probably bought cheap third part RAM that’s causing his machine to act a bit flacky and then blames his cheap ass tendencies on Apple. Typical projection of his own inadequencies on to others.

    MW = alone
    Ha! he’s all alone in his delusions. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Peterson:

    Dunno which machine you have, but it certainly doesn’t run OS X, as all modern Macs have no need to “constantly rebuild preferences”. We Mac users tend to call it ‘repairing disk permissions’, but I wouldn’t want to get too pedantic.

    Oh, and those ‘exploding batteries you mentioned, affected virtually all PC makers as far as I remember and, hey, weren’t they actually made by a PC maker too? How cute.

    One more thing, the freezes affected a small number of Core Duo machines – note the missing figure yet? I’ll point it out for you, these machines are in fact, NEW and are called Core 2 Duo.

  3. One more time… I don’t have any third party RAM – just the over priced Apple kind – no problem software – almost 100% Apple’s software only – right now, am running one PowerMac G5, one iMac, and one PowerBook. Other family members are running a variety of other Macs.

    As to repairing disk permissions, Apple’s own instructions and their first fix for problems is to tell you to repair disk permissions. In fact, their instructions are to do it routinely especially if you are running lots of iLife (like I do).

    Apple also tells you to trash preference files all the time to clear up shutdowns, crashes, freezes, slow operations and all kinds of other problems.

    This means their products are ABSOLUTELY DO NOT “JUST WORK”.

    It appears most of the posters around here just use their machines for fun, love the look and feel, and care very little about performance.

    No wonder Steve is so wealthy – he, like P. T. Barnum, has you guys figured out.

  4. Oh, and Apple tells you all the time to ‘restart’ or do a shutdown and relaunch to clear things up so your machine will run again.

    NO, THEIR STUFF DOES NOT ‘JUST WORK’. Whenever Steve says that, he is lying.

  5. One VERY minor detail that’s been bugging me since I first noticed it: the third MacBook Pro picture in the gallery doesn’t have the IR sensor in the reflection. I’ve emailed them a few times about it, hoping they might put it back in whatever photo-editing program and add it in, but since they haven’t done it yet I don’t think they ever will. One attention to detail that was overlooked, I guess…

  6. Peterson –

    We’re so sorry you are having problems. Even Apple does sometimes have a problem with an occasional machine. Please get a hold of a Apple service center and get your machine fixed.

    (what a concept – when you sell a million laptops, if you have 0.1% failure rate that still means a thousand laptops with a problem)

    MDN Magic Word “looked” – Peterson should have looked further to get his problems fixed instead of having a brain cramp and acting like EVERY APPLE LAPTOP ON THE PLANET IS DEFECTIVE BECAUSE HIS DOESN’T WORK!

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