Steve Jobs’ best quotes ever

“One of the great things about Steve Jobs is what comes out of his mouth,” Owen Linzmayer writes for Wired News in an article originally published on March 29, 2006, but we thought some would like to see it again.

Linzmayer writes, “The CEO of Apple Computer is a master of hype, hyperbole and the catchy phrase. Even when he’s trying to talk normally, brilliant verbiage comes tumbling out.”

Linzmayer writes, “Here’s a selection of some of the most insanely great things the man has said, organized by topic: innovation and design, fixing Apple, his greatest sales pitches, life’s lessons, taking the fight to the enemy and Pixar.”

Here are a few choice quotes from when Jobs was out of Apple:

• You know, I’ve got a plan that could rescue Apple. I can’t say any more than that it’s the perfect product and the perfect strategy for Apple. But nobody there will listen to me. — Fortune, Sept. 18, 1995

• If I were running Apple, I would milk the Macintosh for all it’s worth — and get busy on the next great thing. The PC wars are over. Done. Microsoft won a long time ago. — Fortune, Feb. 19, 1996

MacDailyNews Take: How we read this today: “Milk the classic Mac OS for all it’s worth and get busy creating the “NeXT” great thing: Apple’s Mac OS X platform.” The PC wars aren’t over; far from it – as current market share trends clearly show. But, Jobs was out of Apple at the time, trying to deal with NeXT, probably in discussions with Apple at the time regarding the sale of NeXT, and often says things he doesn’t believe or mean for many reasons.

And one Steve Jobs from long after he’d returned to Apple:

• I didn’t see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life. — Stanford University commencement address, June 12, 2005

And some Steve Jobs quotes that we like that you won’t find in the article:

• Unfortunately, people are not rebelling against Microsoft. They don’t know any better.
• Pixar is the most technically advanced creative company; Apple is the most creatively advanced technical company.
• The trouble with Microsoft is they have no taste. They have no taste and I don’t mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way.

Read more in the full article here.


  1. “The desktop computer industry is dead. Innovation has virtually ceased. Microsoft dominates with very little innovation. That’s over. Apple lost. The desktop market has entered the dark ages, and it’s going to be in the dark ages for the next 10 years, or certainly for the rest of this decade.”
    — Wired magazine, February 1996

    Pretty accurate, especially since beginning in 2006, Intel was making it’s way into Apple’s Macs. Think he was planning this since 1996? What he has done is pretty amazing.

  2. So the great product was the iPod? Implied but I am not sure that is what he meant at the time.
    Milk the Macintosh etc. Yup, they did. we are basically using Nextintoshes now. Which was probably what he meant by the great product.

    I’m not complaining mind you. I was pretty impressed with what Next was working on back in the days of the Next Cube and the Next Station.

    Macintosh is perhaps better thought of as a philosophy rather than just software/hardware.

  3. The first great product for the masses is the iPod but as we can all see the other great products from Apple are attracting attention and selling like hot cakes.

    Soon we will no longer be a small dedicated bunch of Mac fans we will be part of a huge bunch of mac fans.

    It will take a few more years but the Apple Mac will one day be KING.

    If I am wrong you can shoot me.

  4. So if the heaviness of success stifled his ability to be creative before, how does he stand now that he is more successful than ever? Does he need to resign for another few years and then come back?

  5. Steve comment I am still waiting to hear:

    “We are absolutely committed to taking care of our customers – not in comparison to the way others are taking care of their customers, but a higher standard, the kind of care they deserve for making our success and my fortune possible.”

  6. And, this one:

    “We will make our promise – ‘It just works’ – the truth and not a sham marketing claim. Right now it is not true, we have lots of crashes, freezes, and unexpected quits. We require our users to do lots of restarts, to repair permissions all the time, trash preference files, and a lot of other maintenance tasks that are ridiculous and make our claim of ‘it just works’ a lie. We have fixed all that and now, it really does just work.”

  7. “If computers are so smart! ….. Then why do people have to learn about computers?? ….. Why can’t computers learn about people???”
    Very close paraphrase from the 128K Mac brochure in 1984.

    That phrase/mindset got me to write the check!

    It actually changed my life!

  8. For Steve Jobs, there will always be “the next great product.” Steve Jobs is a dreamer—that’s what he does. But more than that, he has the drive to actualize his visions.

    Microsoft did win the first PC war a long time ago. What’s going on now is another war—the second PC war—and Apple is kicking Microsoft’s butt.

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