Free video: ‘How to host multiple Web sites on a single Mac’ has released the sixth video in a series on how to use your Mac as a server. This one is titled, “How To Host Multiple Web Sites On A Single Mac.”’s current lineup of free video tutorials:
• Initial Set Up Of Your Mac
• Enable The Web Server To Host Your Web Site
• Setting Up VNC On Your Mac For Remote Control
• Setting Up FTP On Your Mac
• Setting Up PHP and MySQL
• How To Host Multiple Web Sites On A Single Mac

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All tutorials are done with Mac OS X (not Mac OS X Server) so anyone with a Mac should be able to set this up with no extra cost for themselves. The videos are explain everything in simple terms so even beginners should feel comfortable.

Full article with video here.


  1. That’s exactly the process we set up a few years ago for the beta and launch of Mac360. It was on a 800mhz sunflower neck iMac. We graduated to a G4 PowerMac, then a variety of Linux machines, then back to a PowerMac. Generally speaking, older PPC Macs don’t serve dynamic web site pages quite as fast as Linux on Intel, though setup and management are much easier on the Mac. I don’t know about performance of serving OS X on Intel Macs, though I suspect improvement; especially with Leopard running on Mac Pros. Even today’s Intel Mac mini makes a very good server for many needs, not to mention that it’ll run for hours on a battery backup when larger servers suck the juice dry in 60 minutes. OS X makes a very good web server and is capable of runnng Apache, PHP, MySQL, and other goodies, including Postfix email (built in). Installation and setup is veery straightforward. Anyone wanting to dip their toes in that world should start with MAMP. It’s drag and drop PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, and more.


  2. Been hosting four websites from a Mac for several years. One of them is serving dynamic content using jsp’s and one using php connected to a mysql database. It’s worked wonderfully for me. Granted, they are relatively low bandwidth, but I also use the computer as my main work computer.

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