Adobe Soundbooth audio software released as public beta

Adobe Systems Incorporated today introduced the public beta of Adobe Soundbooth software, a new audio software product for creating and editing audio and fixing common audio flaws using visually-oriented tools. Unveiled to customers for the first time this week at the MAX 2006 Adobe user conference in Las Vegas, creative professionals now have the opportunity to test this new beta download and submit feedback to the Adobe Labs.

Adobe Soundbooth is available for both Intel-based Macintosh and Windows systems.

Designed from the ground up to deliver high-quality sound to web and video workflows, Adobe Soundbooth enables creative professionals to quickly record, edit and create pristine audio without requiring training in sound production. Tight integration with Macromedia Flash from Adobe and Adobe Premiere Pro enables Soundbooth users to easily remove noise from recordings, polish voiceovers, and customize music to fit a production.

“Adobe Soundbooth is a completely new, highly intuitive audio creation and editing toolset designed to accelerate the integration of sound into video and Flash workflows,” said Jim Guerard, vice president and general manager, Dynamic Media at Adobe, in the press release. “Our customers asked us to make Soundbooth cross-platform because so many creative shops rely on both Macs and Windows based PCs. We look forward to the feedback from the creative community as we refine the product over the coming months.”

Moving forward, Adobe plans to continue to develop Adobe Audition as a standalone product for audio professionals working in markets such as broadcast radio. Adobe plans to offer Soundbooth in place of Adobe Audition as the audio component in its integrated video solution, Adobe Production Studio.

Adobe Soundbooth includes the tools creative professionals need to handle customary audio production tasks efficiently. Video and interactive Web designers can record new dialog tracks, sound effects or other audio assets or transform existing audio files with sample-accurate tools that cut, copy, paste, fade, stretch, and add effects. Soundbooth also provides creative professionals with tools that fix common flaws in audio recordings and streamlined mastering tools to clarify vocals and polish files after editing. Users can also speed the process of creating customized music to accompany their projects with the AutoComposer feature.

“Soundbooth is the perfect audio tool for our designers,” said Matt Rodriguez, president/executive director at Plexipixel, in the press release. “Its features are focused on the tasks and problems we face regularly. The cue integration with Flash and FLV is huge and having designers that can do their own audio work will save us time everyday.”

Creative professionals can use Soundbooth to easily import audio assets from Adobe Premiere Pro for precision editing and to add music. Creating animation cues for use in Flash is also fast and efficient with the ability to lay down markers that can be exported as XML and then used with Actionscript in Flash.

The public beta of Adobe Soundbooth for Intel-based Macintosh and Windows is now available as a free download at


  1. I know a lot of people don’t agree with this.

    But I think Apple should buy Adobe too.

    I don’t like being held hostage by Adobe anymore.

    Plus, you would get all of the Macromedia patents as a bonus.

  2. I don’t think this is intended to compete with Soundtrack, it looks like it’s intended to compete with Garageband. Simple drag & drop audio editing for non-professional audio enthusiasts isn’t aimed at pro audio folks.

  3. Well… my dual 2.0 G5s are officially obsolete. As an avid fan of Adobe and user of many audio production suites, I was very willing to preview Soundbooth. Unfortunately it’s Intel only. My year old, 3000 dollar machine is useless.

  4. I’ve given it a spin, and here’s what I reckon:

    This is very much a competitor to Soundtrack. The style, features, and even the UI mimick Apples Soundtrack quite closely. Ofcourse Soundbooth hasn’t got anywhere near the same features and effects as Apple Soundrack has….yet.

    BTW Apple Soundtrack Pro is a true gem – perhaps Apple’s most underappreceated app. Its so clever for audio wave editing.

  5. “But I think Apple should buy Adobe too.
    I don’t like being held hostage by Adobe anymore.
    Plus, you would get all of the Macromedia patents as a bonus.”

    Agreed. And if you look at what Apple is missing from their lineup of Pro products, it’s a high end design package like Photoshop or Illustrator, and a high-end web package like DreamWeaver.

    If Apple could do to DreamWeaver and Illustrator what it did with FCP, the world would be a better place.

    And, perhaps Photoshop might finally get adjustable effects.

  6. Thanks Bill, your response was helpful. Now if Apple would only promote Soundtrack or even offer it unbundled with an upgrade option to Final Cut. There are more people in need of an elegant and powerful sound app than Apple thinks. (and a good carrot to nudge them to Final Cut)

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