Third Apple New York City Retail Store location confirmed

“SL Green Realty Corp., along with its joint venture partner Jeff Sutton, has… entered into a major lease with Apple Computer Inc… Apple Computer will have its third location in Manhattan at West 34th Street, SL Green’s redevelopment project,” April Michelle Davis reports for Commercial Property News (CPN).

Full article here.

ifoAppleStore reports that Apple’s third retail store will be located at “21 W. 34th Street [in] a five-story building directly across the street from the Empire State Building, and near Macy’s and Madison Square Garden.”

“#21 totals about 20,000 square feet, with 4,400 s.f. on the ground floor. The existing Fifth Avenue Apple store is just over a mile to the north, and the SoHo store is about two miles south,” ifoAppleStore reports.

Full article here.


  1. In sort-of related news, the sign is up at the Albuquerque Uptown Store. I saw them getting ready to put it up last Friday afternoon and it was in place on Saturday, although the face of the building wasn’t finished yet at that time. The front glass was hidden behind a plywood fence but I could see through some cracks and there wasn’t anything in the store yet as of last Saturday evening. I don’t know if they’re gonna make November 3ish.

  2. Grungy? 34th St., between 5th and 6th? Have you been in the area in the last, say, 15 years?

    This works for commuters like me for whom Soho is too far south and Central Park too far north and east. This is perfect.

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