Apple’s Mac OS X 10.4.8 runs on any generic x86-based PC – sort of

“Mac OS X 10.4.8 will now run on any generic x86-based PC. Well, almost. Kernel coder Semthex has posted what he claims is an entirely legal release of the Mac operating system’s foundation layer. The only snag: you can’t boot into the familiar GUI,” Tony Smith reports for The Register.

Smith reports, “In any case, the code will boot up into single-user mode, which has a certain interest for Unix and command-line geeks, but isn’t going to get Mac fans rushing off to buy cheap Dells instead of Apple machines.”

Full article with links here.

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  1. I could immagine Apple releasing a version of Tiger right after Leopard is released that could be installed on any PC. Give the other 95% a taste of Mac OS X but keep the latest and greatest on Mac hardware only.

  2. “You can buy a Dell for less than a Mac” is still a true statement regardless of the comparisons cited, thus, “cheap Dells” is still a valid description. For many, comparability is irrelevant to the bottom line.

  3. Dan: Doubtful… that would open up a can or worms with compatibility with generic PC peripherals and all those variable setups out there.
    All of a sudden, Mac OS X doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

  4. Apple doesn’t have to worry about protecting the Mac OS from being installed on a PC. It’s security is built in…PCs aren’t powerful enough to run it. Show me a PC that can run Mac OS and then show me the time machine you used to travel forward into the future to get it.

  5. The idea of a free download of an older OS X or some sort of “trial” version is quite an interesting concept. That would be a fun way to let people try before they buy. Ballmer would be throwin’ chairs for quite a while on that news.

  6. So it boots into single-user mode. That isn’t Mac OSX. Without the GUI and all its features that’s just Unix. Bit like claiming that you can get a car to run without the key, when all you can do is start the engine, but the transmission won’t shift into Drive…

  7. “but isn’t going to get Mac fans rushing off to buy cheap Dells instead of Apple machines.”

    Wait a minute. Apples are now cheaper than Dells. There is even a recent post here on MDN with comparisons. Even if OS X could run on a Dell, what reason is there anymore to purchase one?

    MW: months. Dell only has several months of significance left.

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