Yager: New Apple MacBook Pro is ‘mobile landing pad for Leopard in plenty of time for Macworld Expo’

“Woke up this morning and what’d I see? A mobile landing pad for Leopard in plenty of time for Macworld Expo,” Tom Yager blogs for InfoWorld.

Yager writes, “Apple is now shipping its new Core 2 Duo-equipped 15-inch Core Duo MacBook Pro, with the 17-inch MacBook Pro notebook going out in about a week. These 64-bit notebooks offer a few, yet important advantages over their Core Duo predecessors:”

• First 64-bit Mac notebooks
• First Apple notebooks based on Intel’s 64-bit Core microarchitecture; Core Duo was dual core, 32-bit Pentium-M
• Apple claims performance improvements of 39 percent over Core Duo MacBook Pros
• Dual-layer SuperDrive DVD burner in all models (6X on 15-inch, 8X in 17-inch model)
• 400 and 800 Mbps FireWire ports throughout lineup
• Expandable up to 3 GB of memory (see below)
• Hard drive capacity of up to 200 GB
• Build-to-order options now include MagSafe airline power adapter (see below)

Yager reports, “Apple’s approach to expanding MacBook Pro’s RAM is to factor in availability of 2 GB DDR2 SODIMM memory. These are still 2-socket systems. To get to 3 GB, you put a 2 GB DIMM in one slot and a 1 GB DIMM in the other.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Is Steve Jobs planning a “January Surprise?” We can hear the keynote now, “One more thing… We’re releasing Leopard today.” Or maybe not. What do you think?

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  1. No doubt Leopard will:

    (1) Not have development closed down for 12 months to work out security holes in 10.4;

    (2) Not go through a three-year reduction of features to end up, when it goes gold, to being nothing more than 10.4.9;

    (3) Not have the CEO proclaiming all of the great fdeatures that are really no more than XP/Vista ripoffs, and then performing the monkey dance;

    (4) Will ABSOLUTELY not be compatible with brown iPods.

  2. I think MacWorld is too early for Leopard. What we will see is an extensive preview that will finally shows off some of the Top Secret revolutionary feature that will put down Vista like a gun to a lame horse.

    Jobs probably has Apple engineers working overtime already, but my money’s on March 2007 for Leopard’s release.

  3. Between now and January, a lot of development work will have gone into Leopard causing us to salivate even more during Uncle Job’s keynote at MacWorld. Although I’d love to cuddle up to Leopard as soon as possible, I’m more hopefull that Apple will take the time and resources necessary to produce a rock-solid 10.5.0.

    “Rush to Market: Be Damned The Consequences” is a Microsoft trait, not Apple’s.

  4. Spark, The 64-bit capability is going to run across the entire line at some point – even on systems that ship with a mere half a GB of memory. 64-bit offers other benefits in addition to larger address space, but most of it – even the potentially huge address space – is more about bragging rights rather than functioning feature.

    Will S.J. announce/show off Leopard at MW? Of course he will! The question is when will it ship? It seems closer to “done” than Vista right now, so it may have more to do with when and how Apple decides to counter Vista’s shipping date than any other factor. Be cute to see crowds lined up around the building to buy 10.5 and Business As Usual at the MS counters. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    What will S.J. do with his show if he can’t say “now shipping …”? Well, someone is going to have to stand up there and tell one and all about the really neat toys in iLife’07 … I expect that will be huge. Maybe Apple will drop the other Web Design shoe. The Pro version of iWeb – what Logic is to GarageBand and Final Cut is to iMovie and Aperture is to iPhoto, will iWeb be left standing alone for another year?

  5. Leopard, iLife and iWork ’07 are definite for MacWorld, most likely with the iApps shipping the same day. Leopard will probably be shipping a few months later (I’m feeling mid to late March or early April).

    But isn’t there any possibility that Steve might announce some new products altogether? Maybe a new machine or cool app? Doing that alone could take a significant chunk out of Keynote time.

    It seems that alot of things we’re looking forward to have been happening either by Special Event or just a simple press release. Some examples are Core 2 Duo, 2G nano and shuffle, Aperture 1.5, etc. It’s quite possible that some other things will be released before Macworld. I think a new iPod or the iPhone (if it’s real) before the holidays, and maybe an update to the AirPort base stations and more than likely some speed bumps on most of the machines.

    So as hard as it is for me to say, I think we need to just wait and see what happens. I don’t know Apple to underdeliver- Microsoft does enough of that for most of the industry.

  6. March 24th? Don’t count on it.

    This year has seen the passing of BOTH the 30th Anniversary of the Mac, as well as the 5th Anniversary of the iPod- and Apple has done NOTHING to commemorate either date, other than mentioning them in passing, and getting people’s hopes up for some big announcement.

    These sorts of dates seem to be irrelevant to His Steveness… and to his Master Plan.

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