Apple will define the future of the consumer technology industry

“An anonymous investor submits [to]: Apple (AAPL) is on a path to become the Sony (SNE) of the Digital World. The key difference is Sony could never string together their different businesses to feed one another and Apple is making that their operating model. Let’s examine the pieces Apple has:

1. Hardware: Mac and iPod
2. Software: Undoubtedly Apple’s OS and software are miles ahead compared to the Window’s franchise…specially in terms of reliability and usability. And now with the ability to run Windows they are a phenomenal solution for consumers.
3. Content services: With iTunes and Jobs’ ability to negotiate with Hollywood and the music industry, Apple will soon become the largest distributor/re-seller/retailer of content in the world. It’s just a matter of time.

The anonymous investor writes, “So for the dudes stuck on the ‘my micro-processor is better than yours’ argument, welcome to a place where hardware is a commodity, content & services are king and Apple defines the future of the consumer technology industry. And will they dump Intel. Nope – not any time soon = the next 10 years. Because Intel is bending so far backward for Apple they can kiss their own ass. And Steve has an ego… and that ego means he doesn’t give a damn if AMD offers him cheaper prices like Dell does. Because Intel probably has a thousand engineers helping him customize their products for his super cool machines.”

Full article with much more here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Max Chawki” for the heads up.]


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    What is hard to understand is why people think any private entity has any responsibility to give them a platform to say stuff. Wal-Mart has no such responsibility; MDN has no such responsibility; neither does my blog, nor does yours. Free speech means you have the right to speak. It doesn’t mean that you get a free platform on every porch you want just because you have a mouth. It means you can talk all day on your own porch. Everyone else’s porch depends on that person and what they want to do. Get it?

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